Aging Skin How to Adjust Your Daily Regimen

 You look into the mirror and only see your Aging Skin. Well tell me this How old are you. Yep it sounds old to you but think about it. At 50 ( which you don't look) you still have a good 30 to 40 years to go, so slow down with this thinking "OH my Aging Skin".

You will find 10 more articles for your aging skin. The best one is Here is a list of good recipes for your Face

I was out at a restaurant waiting for a table with the guys the other night. And we started talking about which movie stars today have Natural Beauty. We even got the people around us talking. You would not be leaved the names that came up. Diane Keaton, Susan Sarandon, even Lauren Hutton at 61 was on The View about her nude photo layout in the magazine Big , Sophia Loren, Vanessa Redgrave. Know who won? Of course Sophia Loren.

There was not an age put on this question, they just had to have Natural Beauty. Now I'm 44 and I would not say these are young girls. But most of us still consider them Beautiful!

So let’s start over, get back in the shower and steam up that mirror, dry off, and with out wiping off that mirror, just walk out of the bath room. Feel better already. Changing your attitude is the first step in approaching good skin care, self care, exercise, and a healthy diet.

As time goes by we have all changed, we say it every Friday night, "At this time we use to be going out", as we kiss and say good night. So we may never know what happened to dancing all night but, let's take a look at the changes in our so called Aging Skin.

Homemade recipes From Veena
Soak almonds in milk overnight. Grind almonds in the same milk after taking off it's brown skin.Grind it into paste do not make the paste runny by adding to much of milk.

There are many causes for your skin to age. Some we have control over and others just come with age.

Scientists explain it this way: There are two types of aging, intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic (internal) aging is the rate of aging that occurs with the passage of time. Extrinsic (external) aging is intrinsic aging compounded by external causes such as sunlight, air pollution, and inflammation caused by harsh detergents, rough treatment, cosmetics, and disease processes.

In short look at the aging skin on your face, neck, arms and then look at the skin that has been protected from the sun, like the skin on the buttocks and torsos. The skin exposed is generally more wrinkled and discolored and less taut than the unexposed skin.

Let's start with the things we have no control over.

First: We will take out the old family photo album. And yes we will be living longer but your heredity will have a lot to do with the way you age.

Second: You have been down the so called "road". Summer vacations when you were a child and got sunburned. The harsh winters in the cold north east, or living in a more desert climate. Where you have lived in the past, what kind of chemicals your skin has already come in contact with, these will all lead to your normal wear and tear of your aging skin.

Third: As we grow older our skin will produce less oil and there will be a diminish in your hormone production. There is no control for what has happened, but we do have control over these next items.

How much sun we let get to our skin. Let's say it again "The sun does most of the aging to our skin."

Free radicals which is an unstable molecule that damages normal, surrounding cells by depleting them of oxygen. From here we will look into the free-radical theory of aging by Denham Harman, M.D., PhD. back in the mid-1950, with up to date work by Nicholas Perricone, MD.

If you still smoke, drink alcohol, and have a poor diet this will ad to your skin aging. From here we will get into antioxidant's.

Are you having a lot of stress, find ways of unwinding that does not include drinking and smoking. Sorry I could not help myself. But think about it, if you are worried it's not about you, it's the kids, family, work, or money. There will be help about your stress later don't worry.

And last let's watch what we are doing. Even our hobbies will put us in contact with harsh products. Fixing up the house is really big right now. Just think of all the paints, thinners, cleaners, ect. All of these can weaken the skins natural barrier to function over time.

Changing your habits for your aging skin will not be easy, although your aging skin is changing and you'll need to do a few things differently. In every case stick with your gentle cleanser and I know you love the look of being out in the sun but now is the time to put on the sunscreen.

This is the time to change your face scrub. There are 3 ways to go, thay are AHA's, BHA's and PHA's. Now it doesn't make sense to start using them before your skin needs them. They are corrective, not preventive. And if you do use them make sure your other products are gentle. These acid extracts can eather natural or synthetic so make sure to look for ones that use natural ingredients.

These hydroxy acids should be used cautiously and never with a scrub. And you can tell when a person uses to much by the rubbery, fake look to the skin.

As your aging skin gets thinner and drier. You will need to change your moisturizers to a heavier lotion or cream. Another way to go is to start using face oil. Good face oils are not greasy and they will penetrate well. You should apply these oil's or creams to your face in the morning. Give your self enough time to let them absorb into your skin before you apply makeup.

A question and answer on these TCA Peels.


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Dieting and Wrinkles

5 Ways to Prevent Dieting Wrinkles

What you eat is what you are, right? Well, there is more to that. Actually, what you eat might become visible. Don’t take it the wrong way. There have been numerous studies that showed that the abundance and also the deficiencies of numerous different kinds of nutrients have an effect on our skin. Also there are some studies saying that there could be a connection between the food intake and wrinkles, although these don’t seem to be the most reliable researches.


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                             Serums and Aging Skincare

Although impossible to stop the natural aging process, recent advancements in anti-aging skincare have made it possible to successfully delay it. Of all available treatments, the most popular and cost efficient solution is a complete daily anti-aging skincare regimen, that includes the application of a serum.

Aging Gracefully

For all kinds of health questions we should go to the Doc's. And for anti aging questions as well. Here Fame gives us an over view on the anti aging skin and what to ask for. I still think there are many parts of the world that has ways to deal with our skin that is handed down one generation to the next. And these recipes work and work well. Consult your dermatologist, yes but do not forget to ask grandma about anti aging.

Anti Aging

Anti-aging products have permeated the market place in the last several years. As we all age, our goal is to age gracefully and maintain the healthiest skin that we possibly can.

Luminosity for Your Looking Skin

Set the right tone for younger looking skin: New scientific study reveals 'luminosity' plays a key role in perceived attractiveness and age Olay Definity, the latest breakthrough in anti-aging skin care helps reduce the appearance of discolourations, while addressing the anti-aging concerns of wrinkles and fine lines.


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Exercise your facial muscles to making old faces look young. Now this is an activity that you can do almost anywhere. 


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Claudia Budu gives you a brief run down on you skin care and what you should be changong when you rach 40. He also gives you a list of ingredients to look for and what they will go for you. And what just will not work. 

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                                      Daily Skin Care Regime

Your daily skin care regime is hard to change when you need to. Some times you may not even know where to start. With the help of Danny Siegenthaler a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and together with his wife Susan, a medical herbalist and Aromatherapist this article has a great regime.


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