Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Secret - Exfoliating For Beauty!

Author: Shirley Peel

Our skin has an uncanny ability for recuperation. Consider this, the skin is exposed to abuse from the sun, air, pollution, air-conditioning and heat furnaces every day. Still it bounces back. The top layer of skin, called the epidermis, is periodically shed, leaving a softer, smoother layer exposed below. This is a natural, normal process that occurs every day and is called exfoliation. The exfoliating process is especially important for those interested in the very best anti-aging skin care. I believe all serious skin care is anti-aging skin care with the goal of keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking.

There are any number of anti-aging skin care products on the market today designed to give your skin the radiant clarity and glow of new skin by employing and speeding up this exfoliation process whenever you want. Including weekly exfoliation as part of your regular anti-aging skin care routine is important to remove dead skin cells and prevent skin from looking dull and aged.

Model Beauty Tip: Leven's Exfoliating Regimen

Ford Model and actress on All My Children Leven Rambin knows a thing or two about skin care. After exfoliating and using an astringent to clear the skin she uses Vaseline to moisturize.

Exfoliation Products

Exfoliating, also called sloughing or epidermabrasion, can be accomplished in several different ways. Cosmetic companies offer a variety of exfoliation products which are generally categorized as abrasive or chemical.

Abrasive Exfoliates

Abrasive exfoliates remove dead cells with such ingredients as synthetic or food grains. One company relies on ground rice as one of its main sloughing ingredients, while another one has produced a product with the look and texture of oatmeal. Other abrasives are cornmeal and ground almonds which can use yogurt, oils or honey as soothers. Try any of these combinations yourself at home or use another one that appeals to you. You might want to try commercial products as well as homemade recipes.

There are also a host of brushes, mitts and washcloths used for this purpose. There are also body sloughing materials sold which definitely should not be used on the face.

Your skin will let you know if you are overdoing the exfoliating routine. If it becomes red or sensitive, cut back on the frequency. At all times, apply the abrasive material gently.

Chemical Exfoliates

Chemical exfoliates work by clearing away dead skin with salicylic acid, which you may know is a popular treatment for acne. There are an array of chemical exfoliates on the market from which you can make a choice as to which is best suited to your skin type and budget.

How to Incorporate Exfoliation Into Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

1. Remove make-up with special creams designed for that purpose.

2. Cleansing - Use special facial cleansing bars appropriate for your skin type. Avoid soaps which have a tendency to dry out your skin.

3. Exfoliating - Exfoliate, using either a commercial product or homemade recipe.

4. Toning - Use a gentle toner after exfoliating to stimulate your skin and tighten the pores. Toners can make your skin appear smoother, and they do add brightness to your complexion.

5. Moisturize - Apply your favorite moisturizer.

In conclusion, people are living longer, healthier lives because of the many advances in the health field which make taking good care of the way your skin looks more important than ever before. Anti-aging skin care is a topic of interest to a lot of people today. Be assured that you have a wide choice in skin care products and that the quality is not necessarily proportional to price. Anti-aging skin care is within the reach of everyone.

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This question was sent into Skin Actives and this is what they had to say.

Question about exfoliation

Some time ago, I purchased the micro-exfoliation kit, but I am wondering-. When I apply the pumpkin enzyme peel, I don't ever feel anything- no "tingling" or "tightening", just the liquid drying. I then do apply the powder, and massage my face. I just smell the nice earthy smell of the powder. I don't feel anything like the peels I have ever received at any spa. I have even tasted the enzyme peel- nothing. Did I receive a dud bottle? My skin is not totally tough- I had to gently break my skin into being able to tolerate the Anti-Aging Cream. I'd love a nice exfoliator.


Any instant effect would be "make-up". Any protein solution, like egg whites, will dry as a film and you will feel the tightening. This will not benefit your skin in any way, but spas count of the effect to make clients feel like they are getting something done. Any tingling would be from menthol or other additives added to make people think that the product is working, useless and often irritating to your skin. “Proper” skin care is different. Give it time. An even slower exfoliator is Vitamin A cream: you will see nothing, but your skin will be changing slowly, inside, and in a couple of months, as new skin appears, you will see the difference.

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