Homemade Spa Recipes


Times are changing and we are staying home more. Although we still want to be pampered. Homemade Spa Recipes will make you feel like you have been to the most expensive spa in the world.

The more I travel, more and more of the hotels try to give their rooms the look of a Spa. I was in Macys last weekend and you can give your whole bedroom the look of a spa. Although when I priced it out the whole set it was well over $1,200.

Well looks like we have to cut coast some where..Aha how about with our own homemade spa recipes for your skin care. You will feal great and wont have to take the long drive home.

Spa Treatments

New Spa Treatments You Can Make In The Comfort Of Your Home Women from all over the globe love the way their skin feels after a visit to the spa. These organic skin care recipes are all used for specialties treatments at some of the world's top natural care spas.

Detox Home Spa

This is a realy good article on detox for not only your skin but for your whole body. Take time to read this one.

Mud Baths

Mud baths,is a therapy primarily to relieve arthritis,rid the body of cellulite and to relieve tension.

Home Spa Recipes

These home spa recipes will take very little time. With just a few items you will have a very relaxing time.
Create a Home Spa Experience – Homemade Facials, Scrubs, and More

Facial Sauna

A Facial Sauna is one spa treatment you can do at home!!

If you live in Ontario, there are many spas in Toronto you can go to. Elm Wood Spa

For your home spa

Do you have a Home Spa and there are things that you learned the hardway? Let us know so we can help others..... Homemade skin care can be easy. Here are tips on moisture in the your home spa.

Host a Spa Party

This article will give you everything you will need and some of the best homamade spa recipes

Channel Your Inner Spa Girl

this article has been edited by Pennie Mills on 01/29/07

A couple of years ago, this article was written as a guide for hosting a "Holiday" spa party, it has been tweaked and re-written so that you can use it as a guide for anytime and for a variety of occasions.

What began as a trend is thankfully, now the norm. Creating a spa type party gives you and your guests a welcomed change to the more traditionally themed showers and parties.


Spa Gifts

Homemade Spa Recipes