Sulfur is a terrific product for drying acne and tightening pores! About 11yrs. ago I woke up one morning and found that I had a pore on the side of my nose that had "stretched" as a dermatologist put it. There was nothing I could do but get it surgically removed. I was so disappointed that there was nothing I could do short of a surgical procedure, that I continually filled it in with a very heavy concealer.

This worked for a few hours at a time,however, by the after- noon, it had worn off (just from the oil on my nose) and I found myself re-applying my makeup every afternoon! As a few years went on, I kept trying to find products that might dry it up, or maybe I'd use one of those glycolic acid or lactic acid products that would slough off the layers around the pore to make it look smaller. But, as usual, NOTHING was working and I was back to filling it in.

One evening I thought about a product that I had bought through one of the shopping channels (it was in a skincare kit as one of the products for oily skin and acne as well). It was a sulfur based product with rubbing alcohol! It only made sense to me to give this sulfur product a whirl! Both are used for drying acne...why not my oversized pore? So every night after I washed my face I applied this to my pore. After a few nights, I noticed my enlarged pore had appeared much tighter.... some days it even looked as though it were gone! (Well, maybe not gone, but it certainly was a huge improvement!) I was so thrilled that this sulfur skincare product had produced these kinds of results, I always kept a bottle of it in my cabinet! No more concealer needed to fill in!

Anyway, I hope this helps you folks with any acne and enlarged pore issues! Sulfur skincare products are worth a try if you have these issues! I even got my sons to use it when they have an occasional pimple. So, look into this type of product and see if it helps!

Here's a couple of names of the sulfur products and where you can find them.

1. Bye-Bye Blemish- or just type in the name and it will bring you to several websites that sell it.

2. Dry-lo-Jennifer Flavin-Stallone has this product in her Serious Skin Care line on HSN.

I know there's a few more product lines that carry sulfur products as well as sulfur masks, however, the masks can be bought at your local drugstore!


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