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When it comes to natural skin care info we have to look all over the world and the many cultures that are using natural ingredients in their daily skin care.

You will find more information on many of these natural ingredients throught out my website, and would hope that you will ad information on the natural ingredients that you are using in your part of the world.

Are you looking for a  natural skin care info that will lead to a regimen that will bring out the best in your skin? Well there are no preprinted forms, everyone is different. Start by asking your self how much time, money, and patience you have. Are you willing to stick to a daily regimen? Or do you want a quick fix.

I look for natural skin care that will help you better understand your skin and your family's skin. List natural skin care ingredients information and give skin care tips. So you can make the most of your time and money. I'm also adding videos throughout the web site, making it easier for you to see these tips in action!!!

Homemade Skin Care Recipes

Using homemade skin care recipes can give you the best results over time. Here information on picking out your ingredients will be made easier. From carrier oils, body butters, essential oils you will find out how they can help your skin and hair. I also call them the kitchen ingredients, there are so many ingredients that you already have in your kitchen to make homemade skin care recipes.

So depending on your starting point you will find a skin care that will work for you: do you have a lot of sun damage or just a little, a family history of wrinkling skin, or a new mother wanting the best for your child. Along the way learning that one does not have to cover their body with ingredients that are unnatural.

The homemade recipes can be as easy as this sent in recipe.
Face scrub
Olive oil

Cover you face and neck with olive oil. Then dab your wet fingers onto the sugar and place over your face. Do the same all over your face. Then, begin massaging your face, importantly corner of nose,forhead. For 3 min. Then wash of with soap.
Feel the difference.. softtttttttttttttttttt

I have used sugar and lemon as a hand scrub when working on airplanes when there was no running water and it worked great.

Talking with the people at the FDA about skin care most of the problems start with self contamination, preservatives, and fragrance.

Latest Sent In Comment
Vitamin C serum Recipe
Hi Wayne.

You deserve a medal for "services rendered to improving skin!". I'm using your recipe regularly now and even my neck looks a lot better.

I'm experimenting with applying the formula to some scars as well...will report on progress. Also, I've been trying using a collagene capsule powder mixed with aloe vera gel and applying as a face mask. It does "pull" like other, very expensive face marks I've tried in the past and me course it needs cleaning up in the morning as, when dry, it causes those "rolls" but it's worthi it, especially as it's so inexpensive and effective!

I'm also taking collagene as a supplement, so a two pronged attack is really quite effective. I'm thinking: all those creams on the market have either Vit C or collagene or both, but in such small amounts that of course you have to buy lots before you get results....?

Thanks again.

X Cristina

I am glad that the information here at Natural Skin Care Info is helping the people that stop by. I look forward to posting the recipes that are working and what you have done to the recipes that you find here.

Thank you Cristina for taking the time to send in your progress.


Just Sent In Homemade Natural Skin Care Recipe
From Portuguese Ansistors
Grandma's Secret Whitening
To Make This

: Hi,
I've got a recipe tht can actully be used for the whole body!

Which is kinda my Grandma's secret whitening recipe.
It consists of honey,gram flour [also known as chana flour, besan or chickpea flour], and Water! I mean how easy can it get!

2 Teaspoons of gram flour [also known as chana flour, besan or chickpea flour]

1 Teaspoon oF Water and 1 Teaspoon of Honey!
(but thts only enough for your face.. and trust me after you're done with this you will notice that your face is a whole load softer and fairer... this recipe is from my Portuguese ansistors and I've used it for years .. and I doubt it will have any reactions on your skin due to the mild and simple products tht are used in it!

Well enjoy it and do tell me if it works successfully on your skin on


And I would like to thank Roanna for sending in this recipe... Best Wishes to you...Wayne

Natural Ingredieants

We will look at natural skin care ingredients, herbal skin care,skin care tips, essence oils; homemade skin care recipes that does not need a chemistry degree to bring a glow to your skin and may even bring out the artsy side in you in making natural skin care .



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