Chemical Exfoliation/Peels

Alpha-Beta Exfoliator -   This is a high penetration Alpha/Beta exfoliant made up of salicylic and lactic acids in a high penetration carrier.

Author: SOO - "My first order from SkinActives, received it this afternoon and just used it on my face and hands. And I had to log on to leave this review. This product REALLY WORKS. It works so well that you might want to be careful as for how long you leave it on (it stung quite a bit when I washed my face after 20 min, but no redness or irritation after a while). Honestly, despite the previous reviews, I didn't expect much from this product, because I am a skeptic lol and my skin as is, is okay so I thought I wouldn't see anything dramatic. But after using this for the first time, my skin looks much 'Healthier' and 'Smoother'. My roommate asked me if I just came from spa =) indeed, it's powerful product (and seeing the ingredients, quite potent too). I highly recommend."


TCA Spot Peel Kit  

The objective of this treatment is to lighten prominent sun spots in visible areas of the face and body. You may wish to try it first on a less visible area, like the arm rather than the face, to make sure that the post-treatment color change and peeling is acceptable for you. Healing time varies a lot, with the person but also with the position of the sun spot, with healing occurring faster on the face than on the arm.

Author: Paula - "I am 47 years old with very fair skin living in Australia. Back in the day my Mum used to drop us kids off at the pool at 10am & pick us up at 3pm... red raw. We now know better. My skin has suffered badly from that & I am a walking sun spot. This TCA peel is amazing (albiet very expensive). After spilling 1/3 of the container, I had no choice but to treat multiple spots (about 15 of them, so a little goes a long way). I started on my calves & It stung slightly, but nothing too unbearable. The first 3 days I thought nothing was happening, but then the spots started peeling & that was 3 weeks ago & they are still peeling slightly. This TCA seems to be doing the job brilliantly. I feel I need to have another go at them because my spots are quite bad. Actually I would like to smear this stuff over my entire arms & legs to get all the surface, but unfortunately too expensive to do this. So the bottom line from me is the TCA Peel definitely does what is should do, but will need multiple treatments for bad spots. PS. Dry brushing during the final peeling stage helps the skin regenerate gently & quickly."

Physical Exfoliation

Exfoliation Powder in our Exfoliation Set

Treat your skin to the best exfoliation treatment available. We did not pull any punches or tone anything down. This is a combination of the best exfoliation actives we could find. It may be a little dark and may have a slight odor, but that is the price to use the best ingredients.

Author: Cindy - "This kit is wonderful! My skin feels cleans and tingles without the redness from irritation. I especially love the Exfoliation Powder and it smells like my favorite green tea. Any chance SAS would start selling the Exfoliation Powder separately?"

Enzymatic Exfoliation

This enzymatic peel product is a natural, gentle enzyme "peel" that you can use straight from the bottle or add to any lotion or cream. Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) proteases hydrolyze the proteins, exfoliating dead skin cells and impurities while delivering vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

Author: Christina - "Best product ever. A clear liquid and one drop goes a long way. I have a very high tolerance for glycolic acid so this may not help other people. Definitely not for everyone to use other than a peel. But for me it keeps acne at bay if I use it daily after moisturizer and don't wash off. I even bike to work and the sweat usually causes trouble even though I wash face immediately afterwards. But not any more. After washing I apply moisturizer then a Pumpkin Enzyme drop smoothed on each side of face. I used benzoyl peroxide (I know, gasp, horrible) but before the Pumpkin Enzyme it was the only thing that prevented deep breakouts, even with your wonderful White Willow Bark Salicylic Acid keeping 90% of acne away. Glad I haven't had to use benzoyl peroxide for a month now. It would leave brown burns. Good riddance to that stuff. I love THIS so much better."


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