Skin care book reviews
by Wayne Potter

   Skin care book reviews. These are the books that I have read about skin care, beauty and organic skin care. If you find a good book, share it! And leave a message on what you though about it.

My first book on natural skin care was :
Ageless Natural Beauty
By Sally Freeman
I'm not sure if it is because it was in the beginning and I did not know much, but I still think it was a great start. Like the back of the book says "Open your kitchen, grab hold of nature's bounty, do a little mixing and stirring, and bask in the blow of the best beauty treatments money can't buy".
From what ingredients to use and how to use them. Do you grind them, steep them into infusions, even down to how long they will last. All I know this is were I started and it has lasted many years. A Skin care book reviews by Wayne'r thumbs up.


Another book that I got in the beginning was:

The complete Woman's Herbal
By Anne Mc Intyre
I lucked out with this book as well. this is really a book from A to Z on herbs. Not only will it list the, also know as, contains, key uses, it will also say the Do Note Use, for many herbs.
Taking all the stages of life in from uses in infant care, menopause, through the aging process.
For a just sit down and read, there is a lot of information to take in. But to have in the house so you can refer to it, is a must. Another Wayne'r thumbs up.

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Book Description

This comprehensive guide recommends safe, simple, and effective herbal remedies utilizing plants from your garden as well as readily available herbs and preparations.


Take Care Of Your Skin
By Elaine Brumberg

This Skin care book reviews is one of those older books that still hold true even today. Now some of the products that are mentioned in the book may not be around today the companies are and will have products to take their place.

We all have good intentions of wanting to look our best. Where many of us go wrong is being swayed on what we buy for our skin care. When the book was written there were three main places where we bought our skin care products the grocery store, drug store, and the department store. Now we have to add the shopping networks on TV. Department stores and the TV shopping networks all have this "hard sell" on what we should buy. In reading this book you will have a lot more confidence on what to buy and when to say no. In the end you will have better skin care and save money. The book really does go into depth on how we are sold skin care products.

No matter what your skin type is, dry, normal, oily you will find information on how to better understand your skin type and how all these skin types do change over time.

This is a book that will change the way you buy skin care products. For one thing it will help you look at the ingredient label and understand what is in the product. Is it helping your skin or may it have an ingredient that is irritating your skin.

I can not say enough about this book other than just sitting down here and retyping the whole book.

Two thumbs up and a index finger to turn the page.


Victoria Lewy With her E-Book Natural Skin Care Handbook

This book has just the right amount of information to get you started making your own skin products for your skin type. Great recipes that you can get started today.

I look forward to having her great articles here at Natural Skin Care Info. She is On The Look Out as well for great recipes and information on natural ingredients.


Pure Skin
Organic Beauty Basics
By Barbara Close

This Skin care book reviews has a great balance between information on skin care, information on how to make your own organic ingredients and the recipes to use them in.

The skin care section is divided into stress reactive, hormone reactive, environment reactive, and mature, this is a lot like Nicholas Perricone's brake down of skin types. Which I like because your skin is always changing.

Blending essential oils I have to agree, that any more than four oils gets to be to much. And I really like the section on how to infuse your own oils. The one new tool you will have to get is a French Press if you do not already have one.

Barbara's recipes for the most part have only four ingredients in them making them easy to make. Recipes will cover you from head to toe. Making this a good book if you are new to making your own skin care products.

Eating the right foods does make a difference in the way your skin looks. The food section is simple to fallow and not over the top. Close has a real out look on the habits of people, and the tips she gives will make small changes in the foods you buy for long lasting results.

As for the Resources section it is one of the best that I have Seen. I have put off the next book at this time just so I can spend more time at each of these resources. The one I liked the most is The American Botanical Council. What a great site.

This book is a lot like Naturally Beautiful; you will read it once and go back to it over and over again. I will try to get Barbara's lecture schedule, she would be a world of information worth hearing. Other book that she has out are Well Being and The Spa Deck.

If you are new or have been making your own skin care products this is a good book!!


How to Make Your Own Organic Cosmetics
Soap and Scent:

By Gill Farrer-Halls

This natural skin care recipes book is Big on Soap and Perfum.

I have always shyed away from making cold-Process vegetable soap do to the lye. In talking to people that do make it and having used their products it is some of the nicest soaps one can use.

This book gives many recipes in making soaps with soap flakes, liquid soap base,shower gel base and block glycerin. For now this is a great way for Wayne'r to get a start in making soap! With the high coast of essential oils and other ingredients these recipes a sure to work the first time you make them up. Where as with cold-process soap you will get a batch that goes wrong every so often.

With anything you do it is a good idea to get a general background on the different kinds of products there are in the same categories. What I mean is with soap you saw the different bases, with perfume there is oil and high proof Vodka is used. This is where I like this book; it gives you enough background to get started. Step by step instructions through the project and in the end how to package it up.

The part that I am going to try from this book is the art of perfuming section. I learned the different kinds of perfumes floral, green, chypre,citrus, aldehydic, oriental and oceanic. With the holidays coming up they would make great gifts. From putting them in perfume bottles or in a roll-on. Add a lip balm, a soap bar and a shower gel. We are talking great gift here or to have around when company's staying.

At the end of book there are 6 USA suppliers and 5 UK suppliers that I have sent an e-mail out to get their information. As soon as I get it I’ll add it as well.

Over all this is a good book for someone new to making natural skin care or for those of you that would like to try new things. This is a Wayne’r thumbs UP if you want to know more about soap

The one good web site at the end of the book is

Sun Feather Natural Soap Company
1551 Hwy 72, Potsdam NY 13676

Phone: (315) 265-3648 (Mon.-Fri. 9-5 EST)
Fax: (315) 265-2902 Anytime


Skin Care Book Reviews

Naturally Beautiful

Dawn Gallagher
Text by
Melanie Menagh

For a Natural Skin Care book review this book could of easily been a Cut and Paste! This is a book you can just read and get a lot out of it. For Wayne'r I must have gone through it 50 times. You will read a section and before you know it, you're mixing up another natural skin care recipe.

Being a top model that has traveled the world, Dawn has put together a great collection of homemade skin care recipes in this book. She tells of how she would get to know the women in the countries where she had photo shoots. Spending up to a week after her work was done. Learning the handed down traditions from many cultures.

Sections in Naturally Beautiful include, Face care info, with recipes for scrubs and masks, The body with a great section on baths, Feet and Hands, and Beauty in Balance.

Not only is this book just filled with recipes from around the world, it has the information on the basic care for your different body parts. From Morning Face Massage, How to give yourself a Facial, Solutions for puffy eyes, Tools for the trade, Bathing Secrets, Giving a good massage, Hair care Basica, Shampoo tips, and Hand tips.

I like the large section on Natural Hair care. The natural hair conditioning recipes, the herbal rinses, and the hair wrap.

Wayne gives this book 2 thumbs up. One tip I was glad I did was turn the cover inside out. On the inside there are a lot of stains from being around the mixing bowl.


Latino Folk Medicine
By Anthony M. DeStefano

Healing Herbal Remedies from Ancient Traditions

These ancient traditions come down the Latin desendents. Generations all reling on the rainforest for thier ingredients. Most of the recipes are handed down, with very little writen. Making even the most educated having to spend time traviling to talk to poeple who use these remedies.

People living in Latin-America, Central and South America, the Caribbean are tropical areas with abundant plant life. Using these plants has been a way of life for thousands of years. Where here in the US we go to the drugstore these people go to the botanicas. With the high coast of health care these yerba buena "good herbs" for many makes a big difference in there lives.

Today the pharmaceutical companies are looking to the rain forest. In the book chapter "New Uses for old Medicine" gives us an idea as to how far these companies will go to find information.

From this book I got exiced about all of the wonderfull plants that grow in the rainforests.
For natural skin care Arrowroot, Espinheira, Guajava, Gumbo-limbo, and Pau d'arco just to name a few.

This little book opened my eyes to a world that has been there all a long. With a short lesson on history, and a touch on some of the plants. This is a good book to start with in looking into the plants that we may use for our next homemade skin care from the rain forest.

Make sure you read this book with a high lighter. If not you will be dog-earing the pages.


How To Wash Your Face
Barney J. Kenet, M.D.
With Patricia Lawler
Many of us look for self help information either in books, magazines, or even watching TV shows like Dr. Phil. And it is not in these people's lengthy in-depth research or 1 hr lecture that make a change in the way we think or the things we do.

It is the one line that is said or written that starts us thinking. A thought that You can relate to. Why did all these other people not say it that way? I get it now or you know that is a change that I can make. When it is all said and done you find a part of the book that has a little of you in it.

How many ways can you define skin types? Well, this is one area that Wayne'r looks for, my thinking is you have to really know yourself before you can make any improvements. I like Dr. Kenet's approach to this subject. His five skin profiles are,

1. Hormonally Reactive
2. Stress Reactive
3. Environmentally Sensitive
4. Overexposed
5. Hearty

Now we all can imagine sitting at an old roll top desk with all the pigeon holes. Some how during life we get the feeling that we have gotten stuffed into one of these holes. Our whole make up fits in one nice square box. Well his book takes all of the information out of these pigeon holes and spreads it out on the desk top. Yeah, for the most part you do fall into one of these profiles but we also go in and out of each of the other categories. You may say you have hearty skin, well Wayne'r may not be a psychiatrist, but when you get married, I'll bet you go through a phase of Stress reactive skin. Or you may say you have environmentally sensitive skin and can't under stand why every month you break out. You get the picture. So do not pick one profile read it and not read the other four.

How to wash your face is another book that lists many products that one can use and why. Some of these products have been mentioned by other well informed sources. I would like to take some time and make up a list of these products that has been mentioned more than once.

Chapter 14 The Natural Way to Beauty is 15 pages of information on how natural ingredients can play a role in healthy skin and antiaging process. If you are new to the idea of using natural ingredients and mixing up your own this is a good brief description on what to use and what not to use.

The section on cosmetic specialist, dermatologist, plastic surgeon, Otorhinolaryngologist and ophthalmologist is a good start on understanding these different medical fields. Also particle tips on questions to ask doctors and what to look for when choosing a doctor for your needs. This chapter is written as if he was talking to you. Simple easy to understand language. One point he makes in looking for a doctor.

No section of this book is overdone. It is easy to read and user friendly, meaning when I went to the index I could find the information I was looking for. Put your name in this book and pass it around to your friends. A Skin care book reviews by Wayne thumbs up! _________________________________________________________________

The Wrinkle Cure
By Nicholas Perricone, MD

Skin care book reviews

Let's start with a label that says "Dermatologist Tested". Well that Could mean that the product was tested but they may not have liked it. Tested yes but we would not know the results. Dr. Perricone did most of His testing and as the book goes along he admits what worked and what did not work. Working from there makes changes to make it work better. I give a lot of credit for that.

Before you can take care of your skin one needs to know what kind of skin you have. Not only knowing if you have oily or dry skin Dr. Perricone has a good chapter on skin tone. In this chapter he also goes into the different skin tones by regions in the world. With case studies on the different skin tones you can get tips on the do's and don'ts for your skin tips.

After reading his book I came away with a better understanding of how our skin is affected by our enviroment and the foods that we eat. If you do not understand the antioxidants and free radicals, well this is a good book to start understanding their relationship.

I even made some changes. Starting with taking a multivitamin, eating yogurt and granola in the Morning. Trying to eat more fish and chicken during the day and snacking on almonds.

As you read through the book Dr. Perricone does use many words from the Medical field. He does take the time to give you the definition at that time without using a Glossary. It does break up the flow of your reading.

I read all the way through the book and then went back through with a note pad. The book comes in two different sizes, I got the smaller book for traveling. With the larger book you could high light it as you read through it. With only 218 pages it is a short book packed with information.

You are sure to make at least one change to your daily regime after reading this book. Even Wayne the no brainer made some changes.
With books like this reading for skin care book reviews will be rewarding. ______________________________________________________________

Beauty the New Basics
By Rona Berg
Being a former beauty editor for The New York Times Magazine, Editorial director for ELLE magazine and has written for many Other magazines such as, Vogue, Instyle, Cosmopolitan, Mirabella, Self, and Mademoiselle. This book shows the years that she has taken to research, write, and live in a life full of beauty. Just start at the end of the book with her acknowledgments. These are some of the best people in their fields, be it doctors, hairstylist, makeup artists, aestheticians, or the fashion industry insiders.
This really is a head to toe book, from hair cuts, color and styling; to facials, skin regimens for the different stages of life. From the neck on down to your feet, Rona has a tip that will help what you see and will also help the way you feel about yourself. This is the only book that I have read to date that will tell you what products work and why she likes them.
Do not use this book as a coffee table book; your friends will pick it up for sure. For Skin care book reviews this book has a lot of information. Although do keep it handy. A Wayne keeper ___________________________________________________________________________


Women & Beauty
By Sophia Loren
Ok I like Sophia Loren any way. And probably seen every movie at lest 3 times. Even went on Ebay and got two of her pictures, one even signed. If there is one person to get beauty tips from, she is a Wayne'r no brainer. She must be doing something right. A Wayne'r 2 thumbs up and one Skin care book reviews that I went through two times. Look out for me out bidding you on anything that might have to do with Sophia Loren. ______________________________________________________________________________

Excellent !, September 3, 2005 Reviewer: Martina Romanov "Mami" (LA) - While reading the book, i was under the impression I was chatting with my good friend Sophia! I found her advises very helpfull( even though the book was published in the eighties). Great scence of humor. I want to read another book by Sophia!

Sophia Loren - Classic Elegance!, May 29, 2005 Reviewer: a reader (california) - See all my reviews Although this book on women and beauty was written over 20 years ago I found it both relevant and refreshing. The author Sophia Loren gives her opinions gently but firmly and she makes reading about her life both entertaining and informative.


Young Skin for Life

 From  Julie Davis
Her book your guide to smoother, clearer, more Beautiful skin-at any age. Is a good book and very easy to read. This is a book that you can read and is not overwhelming. A Wayne'r thumbs up!

Editorial Reviews

From Booklist Skin, the human body's largest organ, is prone to as many ailments as pleasures. Davis' book is the perfect owner's manual, starting out with a "troubleshooting guide" to such problems as blemishes, age spots, wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles, sensitive skin, and cellulite. Davis understands that physical ills have psychological repercussions, so her advice is not only practical and affordable, but also reassuring. After the emergency section, she goes on to assess skin-care products and cosmetics, discuss nutrition, and recommend easy daily routines for different skin types. The final section is a bit more radical, with descriptions of such contested remedies as chemical peels, collagen injections, liposuction, and cosmetic surgery. Common sense is the watchword here, a welcome relief from all the hype and advertising that accompanies most high-profile skin-care products and regimes. Donna Seaman

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