5 Ways to Prevent Dieting Wrinkles

What you eat is what you are, right? Well, there is more to that. Actually, what you eat might become visible. Don’t take it the wrong way. There have been numerous studies that showed that the abundance and also the deficiencies of numerous different kinds of nutrients have an effect on our skin. Also there are some studies saying that there could be a connection between the food intake and wrinkles, although these don’t seem to be the most reliable researches.

1. Use a low-glycemic diet regime

An important study has been presented in 2001 by Monash University, Melbourne, Australia showing that the researchers have analyzed the diet of 453 people from different countries in order to see whether there is any connection between nutrition and wrinkles. They have found that the people having a low-glycemic diet that is rich in varied fruits, legumes, fish, vegetables, and nuts have fewer wrinkles.

2. Eat the foods that keep the skin healthy

According to this research, there are some kinds of food that cause less wrinkling. This means that in case you have a higher intake of total fat, olive oil and olives, reduced fat milk and milk products (like yoghurt), nuts and beans (with an emphasis on lima and broad beans), wholegrain cereals, tea, zinc (like seafood, lean meat, nuts and milk), mono-unsaturated fat, fish (especially fatty fish like sardines), eggs, vegetables (leafy greens, eggplant, celery, leeks, spinach, asparagus, onions and garlic), fruit and fruit products, and water, you are very likely to have less wrinkles when you get old than the other people.

3. Stay away from processed foods and carbonated drinks

On the other hand there are also certain kinds of foods that are associated with wrinkling so you might want to avoid them. These include saturated fat, full fat dairy products, cakes, deserts and pastries, butter, meat (avoid fatty processed meat), soft drinks and cordials, potatoes and also margarine. This doesn’t mean that you can’t drink coke every once in a while.

4. Remember that the theory must be verified

Just remember that this study is a co-relational one. This means that it is meant to find a connection between two separate events, but it is very likely that there is no causative relationship. As an example we could say that those people who eat a lot of nuts have fewer wrinkles than the rest of the people. It seems like nuts prevent the wrinkles, but it is also possible that the people in question also have a really healthy life and it is this lifestyle that prevents the wrinkles, so nuts have nothing to do with this phenomenon. The findings of the study shouldn’t be taken as facts, but rather as possibilities. Nonetheless we have to admit that these findings are consistent with the other information available.

5. When choosing a diet, keep in mind that your skin is your biggest organ

When choosing a diet these things should be taken into consideration. Also in case you are on and off diet you also have to think about the damage that all the changes do to your skin. The main problem is that the constant weight loss and weight gain messes with the elasticity of the skin. Still the light dieters which keep a constant weight through their life don’t have to worry about things of this kind.

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Dieting Wrinkles

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