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We should all start somewhere using herbal skin care. For TonksPlum a video gives us a look at how it all starts.

TonksPlum's Notes.

First of all, I really admire people who preserve the art of herbal/natural medicine and personal health maintenance.


This was my first try at making my own healing salve with the help of a home-study course. It's one thing to buy and read about herbs and how they work.. Its another to try to make something with them! This could have been a nightmare project without some form of instruction for newbies like me with no herbal healers around to help.

I'm still in awe that I was able to do it and am really happy with the results; I'll definitely keep trying my hands at more projects and who knows.. Maybe tomorrow the world!!

Thank you for watching my video; I am no expert at making them. I just wanted to share my first-time experience in herbal product making with people like me who wondered if they could actually DO herbal (rather than read about it and envy those who CAN do).

And now the video

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Friday, March 16, 2007
Seabuckthorn Has Received Considerable Attention

Hippophae rhamnoides (Elaeagnaceae), commonly known as seabuckthorn, gets its name from its habit of growing near the sea, and from the possession of many spines or thorns that are reminiscent of some buckthorn species (of the genus Rhamnus).

The genus name Hippophae is classical Latin for "shining horse," a name that was given in ancient times after it was found that feeding the leaves to horses improved their health and made their hair shiny Seabuckthorn grows in various regions of Asia, Europe and North America.

Seabuckthorn is used for preventing soil erosion due to the extensive root system that develops rapidly and can be found on slopes, riverbanks, and seashores. In recent years, the clinical importance of seabuckthorn has receivied considerable attention. Seabuckthorn is used for nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical as well as other applications. Seabuckthorn contains edible berries with exceptionally high contents of nutrients and phytonutrients.


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Herbal Skin Care History

HERBAL SKIN CARE was used as far back 1400BC. The ancient Egyptians are known to to have used herbs, and oils. IN Queen Thuthu's tomb a box was found containing a pumice stone for smoothing rough skin, eye pencils of wood and ivory used for applying kohl and antimony to the eyes. A bronze dish for mixing ingredients such as lapis lazuli powder for eye shadow, along with three cosmetic pots she probably used for making her own skin care henna, scented oils and creams.

The ancient Greek were well known for their use of herbs and oils for making herbal skin care beauty preparations. Even going to the point of making a connection between health and beauty. The science of dermatology was developed by Hippocrates, the famous Greek physician.

The Romans dyed their hair with myrtle and walnut husk, darkened their eyes with kohl, bathed their heads with extracts of myrtle and juniper berries to prevent their hair from thinning and rubbed alkanet root on their ckeek to make them rosy.

Back in those times I'm sure they had the freshes of herbs, and used a lot of them. Although when the first person went into those tombs I'll bet you it smelled a little musty and they found a lot of dry skin.

That was the past and a short history lesson by Wayne'r. I like the way Ellen Biddle puts it in today's view.

In reading the book Pure Skin Organic Beauty Basics by Barbara Close, in her resources pages she listed The American Botanical Council as one resource. What a great web site they have!!!

The American Botanical Council Established in 1988, the American Botanical Council (ABC) is the leading independent, nonprofit, international member-based organization providing education using science-based and traditional information to promote the responsible use of herbal medicine. ABC serves the public, researchers, educators, healthcare professionals, industry, and media, and has been a highly respected source and an innovative force for many years. Membership and support for individual programs provide the resources to keep serving the needs of an ever-increasing service population.

The American Botanical Council

Articles for todays Herbal Skin Care

Homemade Herbal Healing Salve

For you own herbal skin care at home.
Make Your Own Natural Herbal Healing Salve

by Loring A. Windblad

 Do you remember the wonderful world of the Watkins Man coming by your home, showing you all these wonderful salves and remedies and other marvelous things? Have you ever wished you could find the Watkins Man and buy some of those salves? A good Herbal Healing Salve would be a marvelous thing to have around for all the little cuts and scrapes that one gets into around the house. Soooooo - what if you could make your own? What if it was "easy"? What if it might be even better than the Watkins variety?

Homemade Herbal Oils

 Making your own Homemade Herbal oils is a great homemade skin care ingredient project because there is very little needed to get started. So if you have some left over canning jars lets make some herbal oils. All you will need is:

                                     Herbs and Skin Care

 Because of the popularity of herbal skin care products, many of the acclaimed manufacturers of chemical skin care products have added herbal products to their skin care lines. Herbs can now be widely found in everything from cleansers to moisturizers.

                                  Herbal Skin Care Today

 I Like the way Ellen Biddle makes a point about time and herbal skin care. Through out this web site we will look for skin care tips that you will have time for.

                                  Natural are you sure?

 Danny Siegenthaler and his wife Susan make a great team, Danny is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and Susan is a medical herbalist and Aromatherapist. This article will make you think Natural or Not. Sure made Wayne'r Think.

                                    Herbal Remedies

 I just got done reading the book Latino Folk Medicine. Herbal remedies have been handed down for a long time. There are a lot of places in the world that people use these remedies every day. I will be looking for more information on these kinds of herbal remedies and skin care. Susan Du Plessis has a good article here.

                                   Herbs For Acne Cures

 Using The Best Herbs For Acne Cures by Mike Herman
When it comes to curing your facial problems naturally, look towards the best herbs for acne cures.

Information On Herbs


Chamomile Is a wonderful herb, This article by David Stanton on Azulene gives us even more insite.


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