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From head to toe essential oil can found in many homemade skin care recipe. Along with the majority of store bought skin care products. But it is worth your time to learn a little about witch essential oil is good for what and witch ones should be avoided.

Here We have Information on 17 Essential Oils Articles and 4 articles on the oils and Aromatherapy. Make sure you read the article on Dr Daniel Pénoël below.

These oils are highly concentrated, and hence very potent. When using essential oils for skin care, always be sure they are at a low concentration. You will want to dilute these oils with a carrier oil.

Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants by a process of steam distillation and so cannot be perpared at home.

Although you can make herbal oils, by infusing finely chopped herbs in a pure vegetable oil like almond, sunflower, or olive oil. This will take two weeks.

Place the herbs in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and cover them with oil. Place the jar on a sunny windowsill and shake it daily. After two weeks or more, filter the oil and press the remainder out of the herb through a muslin bag. Store in a airtight dark bottle.

From this page we will list articles and information on different essential oils that we find. Some of the homemade skin care recipes may list an essential oil that we may not have any information on. If you find information on an oil or if you leave a recipe that has oils, any info on it would be great.

These oils are highly concentrated, and hence very potent. When using essential oils for skin care, always be sure they are at a low concentration. You will want to dilute these oils with a carrier oil.

So from a good relaxing aromatherapy, a face cleansing scrub, bath oils, body butter to peppermint for the feet. You already know the scents you like now let’s find some new ones.

Tips on Essential Oils
Blending Oils
Fill your 1 ounce bottle halfway with a carrier oil the ad 12 dropes of the essential oil. Mix by rolling in your hands then fill the bottle with the rest of the carrier oil. I would not mix more than 4 essential oils.

Homemade Herbal Oils

Making your own Homemade Herbal oils is a great homemade skin care ingredient project because there is very little needed to get started. So if you have some left over canning jars lets make some herbal oils. All you will need is:

The essential oil list


                                           Calendula Oil                                         

Calendula oil has many properties that are effective in generating and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. This article discusses some of these properties and their benefits.

When used in skin care recipes this can be a spice of life. Its main properties for skin are antioxidant, antiseptic, cleansing. Cardamom oil is one of the oldest essential oil known.

                                           Eucalyptus Oil 

Can help with cuts, wounds, skin infections, cold sores and muscular pains. Last, but not least, it has been used to get rid of dandruff. Simply mix 10 drops of eucalyptus oil with your shampoo. As a side note, you should also use an all-natural shampoo. This will also help with the dandruff.

                                         Frankincens Oil

This article on frankincense oil gives a lot of info in a short article. Try adding a little Frankincense to your life, and

See what the mystery is all about!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Uses 1 thru 5 for Frankincense Essential Oil From Young Living Essential Oils

1) Diffuse or inhale directly to stimulate the limbic system of the brain (memory and emotional center).

2) Take as a dietary supplement for immune stimulation.

3) Rub on skin to decrease signs of wrinkles. In vitro studies have demonstrated DNA repair using Frankincense Oil.


4) Rub on skin to lighten age spots, decrease inflammation of acne & boils.

5) Rub around orbit of the eye for improved vision. (Never get oils directly on eye)

                                        Juniper Oil Info

This homemade skin care recipe uses juniper oil for blemishes.

4 teaspoons olive oil
1 to 3 drops juniper oil
Mix ingredients apply ingredients to affected areas.

                                             Jasmine Oil                  

When it comes to the long cold days of winter we all need jasmine essential oil to get us through it. In this article we get the why and how to....

                                       Lavender Oil Info

Lavender Disinfectant

It is easy to make natural a homemade disinfectant with lavender.
20 drops of lavender essential oil
1 to 2 teaspoons of isopropyl alcohol
4 pints tepid water
This will be kinder on your hands than chemical cleaners.

The scent of Lavender has been proven to induce relaxation. Experts credit the plant's stores of linalool and lavandulyl acetate, compounds that slow the body's nervous system. A few wiffs of this herb can even alliate:

High Anxiety

Smelling lavender oil can help you cope with everything from flying jitters to lost luggage, notes Dr. Cullen. And being a flight attendant I see this every day at work.... How to use, Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, place a drop of the oil under your nose or dab some on a tissue and inhale.

Sleep Woes

Lavender oil is a quick route to great sleep. In one study, subjects were given the oil to sniff before bedtime and all sleep more soundly. How to use. Sprinkle a few drops on a tissue and tuck inside your pillowcase, advises Dr. Cullen.

I keep some in my bag for my over nights. When I have only 10 hours of down time, I need to get as much rest as I can. Lavender oil helps.

                                      Lavender Oil Recipes                                    

Quick introduction to lavender essential oil along with several easy recipe ideas for your next handmade beauty project!


                                           Lime Oil Info                                          

Lime pure essential oil is an excellent antiseptic oil. It has been used for many conditions, from breathing, to acne, and just for self-care and well-being. With its pleasantly citrus scent, it is a must for everyday well-being.


Can help to prevent stretch marks. Mix mandarin oil with a carrier oil, such as safflower, sweet almond, or grape seed extract, and rub on your stomach every day while pregnant. The mixture should be ½ cup of carrier oil, and 50 drops of mandarin pure essential oil. This oil is safe for pregnant women, so no need to worry. It only prevents, not removes. Sorry!

                                                        Neroli Oil

Neroli Essential Oil is a classic element in fragrance design and one of the most commonly used in the industry.

                                       Patchouli Oil                                                

Patchouli Oil is one oil that I do like. I use it with grape seed oil for the bath. This is a good article about patchouli oil from uses to history. For herbal skin care this is a natural oil.


                                         Rosewood Oil Info                                      

Rosewood essential oil can be used for many other ailments. The versatility of the oil can be seen in the properties of the oil. For the emotional and mental ailments, rosewood has been know to help with calming, uplifting, worry, frigidity, and used for fatigue.

                                             Rose Oil

Misty Rae Cech gives us a little history and good tips on how to use Rose Oil. Wayne'r always likes the history  when it goes this far back

                                            Tea Tree Oil                                          

This article not only gives us where Tea Tree Oil comes from and who uses it. It Also gives us 4 really good uses for the oil. I also like the blends she Recommends. Look for more articles by Sharon, she gives a lot of info in just a few paragraphs....


                                             Verbena Oil                                        

The tannins in verbena make it a useful astringent for sores, wounds and insect bits when used as a lotion.


                                           Ylang ylang oil                                              

The ylang-ylang essential oil is used in aromatherapy. It is believed to relieve high blood pressure, normalize sebum secretion for skin problems.


                                           Dr Daniel Penoen

In November and December 2005, Dr Daniel Pénoël, visited Perth, Melbourne and Sydney for a series of workshops on "Aromatic medicine". I was fortunate enough to attend his Sydney seminar, along with 150 other aromatherapists, health care professionals, and keen essential oil users. His 2 and a half day seminar was an amazing introduction to the French school of aromatherapy. In this bulletin, I want to share with you some of the highlights from Dr. Pénoël's seminar.

Two Oils in Every home

There are two very indispensable essential oils in aromatherapy that should ideally be present in almost every household - Lavender and Tea Tree. These oils have innumerable uses and can be used with any kind of more

                                              Essential Oil Safety

Safety with essential oil is a must when making homemade skin care recipes. This is why when I get a new oil I will get a small bottle at first. Some places will send you a sample, FREE!

                                   Oil Info By : Beverly Marshall

Essential Oils Slow The Signs of Time From Your Skin

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Important Reminders

1, If you have high blood pressure or epilepsy, avoid rosemary.
2, If you have sensitive skin, avoid lemon, peppermint, and eucalyptus.
3, If you are pregnant, avoid juniper, peppermint, basil, Atlas cedar, clary sage, and marjoram.
4, If you plan to be in the sun, avoid orange, lemon, and bergamot ( these can cause skin sensitivity)

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