Homemade Foot Recipes

Natural Foot Care can be an at home pleasure with just a little time and a few natural ingredients. This homemade foot care video will teach you how to mix an all natural foot mask recipe and apply it.

Here are 7 steps to fabulous feet
No doubt about it - winter wreaks havoc on our skin, hair, nails and especially our feet. Take care of your tootsies this season with a home pedicure from Q-tips cotton swabs.

Clean off old nail polish using a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover. For smaller toenails, a Q-tips cotton swab is the perfect tool. one foot at a time.


Cut nails straight across using toenail clippers. File, if necessary, to smooth any rough edges.


Fill a bucket or large bowl with warm water and Epsom salts. Find a comfy chair and a good magazine and relax for at least 15 minutes. Rinse feet in clean, warm water and pat dry.


Use a pumice stone to smooth away rough spots on toes, heels and the balls of feet. (Doing this after every shower helps keep your feet in shape.)


Using an orangewood stick, gently push back cuticles. Never cut the cuticle; only trim hangnails.


Massage an extra-rich moisturizer like Vaseline Intensive Care into your toes, ankles, soles - even calves - to improve circulation, relieve fatigue, and energize. Aaahh my foot loves me now..!!


Polishing toes is easier with a foam toe separator available at most dollar stores. Apply a clear base coat to help keep your nails from absorbing the pigments from the polish, two coats of colour and a clear topcoat. In a hurry? Try two coats of clear polish for an easy, elegant look. If you paint outside the lines, dip a Q-tips cotton swab in nail polish remover and wipe off the stray polish.

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Many people enjoy being pampered when getting their nails pedicured professionally, but by following this simple step by step guide you can get your feet in tip top shape at home in a little over half an hour.

Items you'll need for the pedicure -- a basin or tub, foot soak or bath salts, pumice footstone, small brush, nail polish remover, cotton pads, nail polish, base coat for nails, top coat for nails, clippers, file, cuticle stick, lotion and foot scrub treatment.

Remove old nail varnish using nail polish remover and a paper towel or cotton pads. Both are better than a tissue, offering more friction. Always try to use a non-acetone polish remover, as its less drying to nails and cuticles.

If necessary clip or file your nails while they're dry. If using an emery board, file in one direction using smooth strokes. Clip your toenails straight across using a toenail clipper or scissors

Fill a basin with several inches of warm water. Add foot soak or bath salts as the tub fills. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes

Dry off thoroughly and apply cuticle cream or lotion. Gently ease the cuticles back by making tiny circles against the cuticles with an orangewood stick. They should be supple due to the soaking.

Massage your feet with moisturising lotion, use an exfoliating lotion if the skin is dry and use a pumice footstone on roughened areas.

Separate your toes, putting cotton between them, unless you have a ready made pedicure device.

Apply a base coat, which holds the polish in place and makes it last longer. They are usually clear or slightly coloured, and help strengthen the nail to avoid breakages. Give it time to dry.

Choose your desired shade of nail polish and apply, cleaning up any stray marks with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover. After waiting two minutes, add a second coat for deeper colour. If you can, sweep it on in three strokes from base to tip, first up the centre, then each side.

Complete your pedicure with a top coat of clear polish, to add shine, and protect from chipping

If possible, leave your shoes off for at least an hour to allow the polish to thoroughly dry.

If possible, leave your shoes off for at least an hour to allow the polish to thoroughly dry.

Feet Information

Our feet are designed to support and balance the body with the weight shared between the ball and the heel. More simple info for your feet.

Athletes Foot Remedie

Athlete foot is a common skin infection that is caused by a fungus. The medical term for foot fungus is tinea pedis. The fungus is a plant-like microorganism too small to be seen by the naked eye that mainly depends on dead tissue for nutrition and growth.

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                                          At Home Pedicure

Here are some good tips for an at home pedicure and Homemade Foot Recipes. With a Fun Video!!!!

                                            Honey Foot Bath

It's time for a Foot Bath!!!
Honey has been used for centeries by counscious woman as a natural cosmetic. In this homemade honey foot recipe honey acts as a cleanser as well as a nourisher and healer. Put on a good CD.. We like Chris Botti.. sit back and enjoy this foot bath..


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