Skincare and Serums

Instant action: The rise of the skincare serum

Although impossible to stop the natural aging process, recent advancements in anti-aging skincare have made it possible to successfully delay it. Of all available treatments, the most popular and cost efficient solution is a complete daily anti-aging skincare regimen, that includes the application of a serum.

Serums, when used correctly, can be highly effective in transforming skin and providing excellent anti-aging results. "These concentrated formulas, like the new Aveeno Positively Ageless Rejuvenating Serum, quickly deliver effective, beneficial ingredients directly to the skin to visibly reduce the signs of aging," says Annie Brunelle, Brand Manager, Aveeno. Here are some things to remember when looking to use a serum as part of a daily skincare regimen:

. Typically lightweight, serums are designed to be applied to the skin after cleansing and under creams, moisturizers, cosmetics and sunscreen products in the morning and the evening

. The unique silky texture and fluidity of the liquid allow serums to quickly absorb into the skin to complement existing regimens, but also work alone to provide maximum results

. Skincare serums can offer at-home treatments with a professional twist - they are gentle and safe, yet impart quick and noticeable results

. Serums can have many functions, yet the defining feature that conveys the 'serum experience' is the velvety smooth, non-greasy and cushiony feel upon application and the concentrated skincare benefits that they provide


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