Essential Oil Calendula

Essential Oil Calendula is one good ingredient in homemade skin care projects. This oil has antisepic and astringent properties, stimulating the immune system and helping the body fight against infections such as flu and the herpies viruses.

Calendulancan be used as a first aid remedy for cuts, abrasions, and as an antiseptic healer for sores and ulcers.


Calendula should not be used internally in pregnancy.

Calendula Essential Oil for Healthier Skin

By J. Martin

Calendula essential oil is a soothing therapeutic oil distilled from pot marigold. Its uses are varied -- from soothing minor skin disorders like pimples and dry chapped lips to curing snakebite. Calendula's medicinal properties have been explored for centuries. It was discovered that a great deal of calendula's effectiveness lies in its antioxidant properties.

As an antioxidant, calendula extracts protect the body from damage caused by an immuno-suppressing function called oxidation. Calendula essential oil has been proven to aid in wound healing. Combined with olive oil, it becomes an excellent salve even for serious burns, bruises and cuts.

Can the Oil be Used for Psioriasis?

Psoriasis is an extremely difficult skin disease to treat. It is a dermal infection characterized by inflamed lesions on the skin covered by a silvery white scale. Psoriasis may be noncontagious, but it could also be deadly, especially if left untreated. Studies show that an estimated four hundred people die of psoriasis-related diseases every year in the United States alone. Occurrences of psoriasis are most common among Caucasian females, and rare among those with darker skin. Often, psoriasis strikes at an advanced age, and there are indications that it may be a genetic disease.

How can calendula essential oil help in treating this disease? This oil's antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties may be the answer. Calendula could ease the inflammation of the lesions and slow the spread of the disease. Related to this, calendula extracts are used as additives in antiseptic mouthwashes and gargles that treat and prevent mouth sores. Calendula extracts have also been proven to help in treating hemorrhoids.

Other Properties of Calendula Oil

There is almost no way to get 100% pure marigold calendula essential oil. This makes calendula essential oil an infusion and not a pure extract. Nonetheless, the warm golden oil is said to be completely non-toxic and highly effective in treating nearly every sort of skin disorder. Oil distilled from various breeds of calendula may vary in efficiency, but in general marigold calendula is recognized to be the most therapeutic kind.

Calendula essential oil is a popular element of an aromatherapy massage. Aside from its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help heal wounds, it refreshes and regenerates the skin. Some recipes use calendula essential oil to treat dermatitis, sore feet, ringworm, and diaper rash! It is something that seems so innocuous, but has such a lot of diverse uses.

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