Essential Oil Rosewood

As with essential oil rosewood and any of the essential oils that you my want to use in homemade skin care recipes try to find out as mush as you can before using it.

Rosewood Pure Essential Oil

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But, the Rosewood Tree is now grown on plantations for commercial use - using their wood and their oils.

The scent of the Rosewood is fresh, somewhat flowery, and woodsy. Aromatherapists consider this to be calming and harmonizing for both the mood and the body. The oil is often used to provide gentle relief for menstrual pains or fatigued muscles. The oil also has an antibacterial property, which helps many skin conditions (USE DILUTED).

Therapeutic Effect of Rosewood Oil

Among the primary components are linalool and cineole. They are believed to give this oil its calming properties. Since the oil is antibacterial, it also very helpful in relieving skin irritations and blemishes. It is also effective in maintaining the skin's oil balance and elasticity, thus it is used in many massage oils and toners.

Rosewood Oil helps with certain conditions

Rosewood Oil will help relieve headaches accompanied by nausea and linked to nervousness and tension in the muscles. Just diffuse the rosewood essential oil into the air or, you could place a drop of oil in each corner of a pillow, and enjoy the aroma as you are lying down.

To help with stretch marks, use a regular massage of the stomach, thighs, and hips with a cream or oil containing rosewood essential oil. This has been known to tighten the skin and possibly prevent stretch marks.


For clear and balanced skin, use the following prescription. After showering, massage your skin with rosewood essential oil diluted in a carrier oil, such as safflower oil, to soothe sensitive skin, help prevent wrinkles, and treat blemishes. To get optimum results, massage upward from the feet in circular motions, and ensure the skin is still wet. With the skin being slightly wet, or damp, it ensures you are keeping most of the moisture in the skin.

If you find you are very stressed, even agitated by the hectic pace of life, use rosewood and lavender pure essential oils to relax and soothe you. Use eight drops of rosewood and 5 drops of lavender and diffuse into the air.

Rosewood essential oil can be used for many other ailments. The versatility of the oil can be seen in the properties of the oil. For the emotional and mental ailments, rosewood has been know to help with calming, uplifting, worry, frigidity, and used for fatigue. Then, for the physical aspects, it has been know to help with acne, dermatitis, scars, and dry and sensitive inflamed skin.

Safety Cautions

It is seriously advised to not take rosewood pure essential oil internally. It is actually considered to be very poisonous. There are few other known dangers when the oil is used externally, or on the skin. When rosewood oil is diluted with any carrier oil, such as safflower oil, it rarely irritates the skin.

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