Keep Those Tresses Protected

Summer is here and it's time to head north for the cottage or south for the sandy beaches. When packing your sun protection for skin, don't forget the one for  Tresses . Yes, hair. Ultra Violet rays lighten and can damage hair, especially color-treated hair, if left unprotected.

"Hair, skin and nails are made up of the same proteins, so they need similar protection from the sun," says Susan Boccia, a national trainer for Schwarzkopf Professional.

Boccia explains that unlike sunscreen for skin, hair products do not specify an SPF factor, like SPF 15. They do contain UV filters though, which convert harmful rays into harmless energy. Boccia warns, "The protection lasts until hair is washed, so it's important to apply it each time you're in the sun."

Many salons now carry shampoos, sprays and treatments, such as BC Sun Guardian, containing UV filters and ingredients to combat the effects of the sun's rays.

"Hair treatments are also very important in the summer to help hydrate dry summer hair," says Boccia. "A deep treatment will help replace missing nutrients and moisture to hair."

Boccia says that treatments can be applied while lying next to the pool or lounging outside in one's backyard. The heat from the sun will activate the treatment, and the treatment itself will shield hair from the sun's rays. "The treatment only needs 15-20 minutes to work, and when you rinse it off, your hair will feel like silk." Treatments can be used as often as once a week or once a month, depending on the hair's level of dryness.

"While sun protection and treatments are great for the summer," says Boccia. "Much like your skin, the best protection for your  Tresses is to wear a hat."


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