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This question came into Hannah at Skin Actives about TCA Peels

Question: I use your products morning and night and I am very pleased with them. I have read that you are in favour of peels. And I know that Hannah has told me to stay away from skin needling! I am 51 and of course have lines, especially around my mouth. I am thinking of having a series of treatments of lactic acid followed by Omnilux™ light therapy.

Would you recommend this or would it be better for me to have trichloroacetic acid (TCA) or glycolic peels?

Answer: I am totally in favor of TCA peels DONE BY AN EXPERT, if possible an MD, or scars and hyperpigmentation, like that caused by acne and sun damage. For small spots, you can try our TCA spot treatment. If you decide to go the whole face (or décolleté, hands or back) TCA route, ask your MD to use our Restoration cream to “stop” the acid. Restoration cream will help with the pain and accelerate recovery. If not for this purpose, I am in favor of patience, because reversing lifelong sun damage is not achieved by inflicting even more stress to the skin! The "Omnilux light therapy" will do nothing for you, except maybe burn your skin lightly, which would cause inflammation and temporary "erasure" of wrinkles. If you find the patience needed to get long term structural and biochemical transformation of your skin, try our Vitamin A cream at night and Collagen Serum during the day (and night). This is the pair of products I recommend most often, because it will work with fine lines, loss of elasticity, acne scars and lots more.

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