Sun Burn Remedies

For sun burn this is the first that I have seen the use of sandalwood oil. These tips are good homemade recipes.

Sun Burn Remedies

By Peter Salazar

Over-exposure to the UV rays usually results in skin damage of different forms: blisters, redness, swelling, but you may also feel dizziness and nausea as well. Severity of the sun burn varies from superficial to deep tissue injuries, being incredibly painful and uncomfortable. If the sun burn has caused blisters and swelling, you must see a dermatologist and follow his / her advice closely, as the risk of infections is quite high. There are a few natural remedies to use in order to alleviate the burning or itching sensation, on condition that you wear loose cotton clothes.

The skin affected by sun burn needs some regeneration and cooling agents: coconut oil, sandalwood oil and olive oil are all great when it comes to alleviating the discomfort of superficially damaged tissue. Coconut oil is a great skin moisturizer containing a high level of organic minerals; without any side effects, it should be applied on skin before and after showers, protecting the sun burnt tissue. Make sure to use very soft towels, and never rub the skin after intense sun exposure, or you’ll worsen the condition. Olive oil is used similarly but you can combine it with a teaspoonful of vinegar.

If the skin condition is pretty bad, sandalwood oil may just be the solution. Used topically, it is one of the most efficient antiseptics due to the great antimicrobial properties of its main component: santalol. Using sandalwood oil on sun burnt skin will eliminate the risk of skin infections as all the unfriendly bacteria will be destroyed by santalol exposure. In case of sun burn you may also turn to another great moisturizer with great healing properties: the aloe vera gel available in a variety of concentrations.

Studies show that the sap of aloe vera reduces skin swelling and pain; therefore it will have a great soothing effect on sun-damaged skin. Responsible for the improvement of the tissue condition is the inner leaf gel that has great healing properties. Mention should be made that aloe vera should not be used topically as a form of UV protection, as it does not prevent radiation injuries. It only regenerates dry or slightly wounded skin, by stimulating the natural process of the cell growth.

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