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A very important skin care tips sunburn is: If your sunburn skin is extremely tender, painful, swollen or blistered or if you develop fever, chills, dizziness or nausea within 12 hours of your sunburn, SEE YOUR DOCTOR or go to the nearest EMERGENCY ROOM. You may need antibiotics for severe blistering or corticosteroids for the dizziness and nausea. This is a must.

Your sunburn pain, redness will probably disappear in a day or two. Right now we just want to get you through your immediate agony. These skin care tips sunburn should ease your pain and get the healing process started.

Using cool moist towels, applying, then removing, the towels every half-hour for four to five hours or until bed time.
For bedtime you should apply a soothing cream or ointment.
You might also soak in a tub of cool water to which you've added baking soda. Don't use cold water on a very large burn (over both legs, for example). It could cause a condition called total body hypothermia, when your core body temperature drops below normal. It could be fatal.LET YOURSELF AIR-DRY


A sunburn really dehydrates your body, so replenish your lost fluids by drinking plenty of water. Upping your fluid intake may also indirectly soothe sunburn pain.

Remember the keep it simple; every kitchen should have an ALOE PLANT
Snip off a spike from a live aloe plant and apply the fresh gel. Aloe gel from the aloe vera plant is an effective sunburn remedy. Aloe contains lectin, an aspirin-like compound that seems to relieve the sting of a sunburn.

Aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen are all useful in alleviating pain from sunburn. Many doctors suggest taking two aspirin or ibuprofen after sun exposure.

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