Caring for sensitive skin 

Caring for sensitive skin made easier
(NC)-What can cause sensitive skin?

Many things determine if you have sensitive skin, including your genes, gender, age and ethnic background. Environmental and medical factors also play a role in sensitive skin. Even products such as soaps, shampoos, lotions, harsh preservatives and household cleaners may contain ingredients that can make your skin red, itchy and dry. As the seasons change, you may also find that increased exposure to the sun, wind or dry heat can make your skin even more sensitive.

How can I care for sensitive skin?

Here are a few tips to keep your sensitive skin happy. Before bed, be sure to remove your makeup. Use only gentle soaps and soap-free cleansers. Apply moisturizers regularly and be sure they offer your skin protection from the sun. Avoid products containing perfumes and dyes. Use mild or hypoallergenic products.

Make it a habit to read labels

You can help avoid potentially irritating ingredients by looking for these items on the product's label:

. Dyes and fragrances

. Harsh preservatives

. Botanical extracts

. Antibacterials

Laundry Care Specially Formulated for Sensitive Skin

Sunlight takes the needs of families with sensitive skin seriously. That's why they offer you Sunlight Sensitive Skin formula. It's specially formulated without fragrances or dyes. It's less irritating than the leading fragrance-free, dye-free detergent and ideal for patients who are sensitive to perfumes or dyes. For additional sensitive skin care tips, visit

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Sensitive Skin

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