Safe in the Sun

 Safe in the Sun
by Mary-Ellen Siegel
I could not say it better by Carolyn L. Ellner, Ph. D.
"This book should be read by all educators and its message addressed in all our classrooms as part of good health education."
If you have young children this book is for you. I wish mom had read this Book when I was young. A Skin care book reviews by Wayne'r 2 thumbs up!

Editorial Reviews

From Library Journal This book addresses the misconception that a tan is healthy, explaining how ultraviolet radiation from sunbathing and tanning salons is harmful to the skin and eyes and can result in premature aging and skin cancer. The incidence of skin cancer is increasing in the United States, ranking ninth in the top ten of new cancer cases, and some skin cancers can develop into the more serious malignant melanoma. This book covers the environmental issues as well as the personal habits that have caused this increase. Guidelines for reducing the risk of skin cancer and premature aging and a discussion of diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer is included. Appendixes cover recommended sunscreens, compounds, and medications that cause phototoxicity; a bibliography arranged by author (it would have been more useful arranged by subject); and a glossary with clear, understandable definitions. Recommended for all public and academic libraries. - Betsy Kraus, New Mexico Inst. of Mining & Technology Lib., Socorro Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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