Nothing Like a Natural Bath

Whith a Natural Bath or Foot Rub, Wayne'r can score some big points with Karen!!! The only thing I would change in this recipe is the olive oil, I would use grapeseed oil or sunflower oil. They will mix with the water. Sherry also gives us a simple Body Scrub recipe.

Unwind with Natural Bath and Body Products at Home
By Sherry Frewerd

After a long day, who doesn’t love to indulge in a warm sudsy bath lightly scented with stress relieving essential oils? Pampering bath and body products are widely available, but many contain chemicals, perfumes and dyes that are often harmful to sensitive skin. There is an alternative for people who choose to go the natural route. Natural bath and body products, including skin care products for men and children have become increasingly popular as the population demands better products and more options.

Why should we consider natural bath and body products over commercial synthetic products? Natural products are more easily recognized, absorbed and eliminated by our bodies than products containing chemicals. Also, natural products can usually be used by the whole family since they do not contain harmful ingredients.

There are quite a few natural bath and body, along with, skin care products available online. Bath and body recipes also make it possible to create quality, effective, natural skin care products right at home. Here are a couple of natural bath and body recipes to try. Keep in mind that these recipes are most often meant to be used immediately and shouldn’t be stored for more than a couple of days.

Natural Moisturizing Bath Bomb

1 cup citric acid
2 cups baking soda
1 tsp. fragrance oil
1 tsp. olive oil

Mix the first 2 dry ingredients together. Next, mix the 2 wet ingredients together, finally, mixing both wet and dry and forming into balls. Let dry for 24 hours before using.

Natural Shower Exfoliating Body Scrub

1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
2 cups of sea salt
3-4 drops of peppermint oil

Combine all of the ingredients, and use in the shower. Do not use on children as scrubs can cause harm to sensitive skin.

Natural bath and body and skin care products are easily found online with a simple Google search. Many online natural bath and body product companies do not carry large quantities of stock and actually make the products as they are ordered to ensure freshness.

Sherry Frewerd is a Founding Team Leader for Marlo Quinn natural soy candles and skin care products for Women, Men and Children  Article Source:

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