Mud Baths

Mud baths,is a therapy primarily to relieve arthritis,rid the body of cellulite and to relieve tension. Although the reasons are unclear how this helps,it is thought that the therapeutic value of mud derives from its acid,salt and mineral content. A heated mud application helps to stimulate our circulation.

There are a few kind of mud treatments and mud that are used. When Parafango mud is used, it is first heated, then placed on a heat-resisitant paper to cool before being applied to knees and elbows.

For mud baths, the mud is mixed with warm water, then you may dip your entire body up to your shoulders for 10-15 minutes.

For home use, there are many beauty products available composed of organic mud,rich in mineral and vegetable extracts. These can be applied over most areas of the body such as your face or bust,entire body, or just simply in a mud bath. The baths aim to cleanse and stimulate the skin, and let's not forget the soothing and relaxation of the body.

I remember the first mud bath I took, I created quite a mess in our jacuzzi tub. It took Wayne and I a few hours to clean it out of the jets. Thank goodness everything is still working! Now, I just use the guest bathroom tub!

Mud Baths