French Green Clay

 French Green Clay is a natural, highly absorbent earth substance whose healing properties have long been recognized. These properties can draw out and help remove toxic waste products from the skins surface( i.e. dirt and excess oils). Applied externally as a face mask, this French clay can be used to cleanse impurities from skin, or it can be applied as a compress or poultice to heal wounds as well as to soothe sores and imflammation.

Here are two good links on the research that is being done on this clay. When somthing has been around this long and works we look into why.

Scientific research into this is ongoing.

See (Williams & Haydel) 

These 2 articles well only take you a minute or two to read.

French Green Clay combined with plant extracts and essential oils can be rubbed over the body to remove dead skin cells. This leaves the skin soft, smoth and white and is a mild form of exfoliation suitable for sensitive skins if applied gently with long sweeping movemeents.

A course of green clay applications can help treat spots on the back, drawing out impurities and eventually drying out the spots.

Green clay mixed with water can be used as a past or poultice to treat a particular area of the body. The clay is applied warm or cold, depending on the complant. Inflammations, sprains or stiff joints are some of the conditions which can respond to this treatment, which is widely used in health farms, beauty salons and spas.

Note: There is no real shelf life for any of these natural facial mask, you need to use them as you make them.

French Green clay Recipes

This first recipe uses Green tea, Aloe vera gel, Honey,

1 tablespoon Green Tea infusion (see below on making an infusion)
2 teaspoons of Aloe Vera Gel
1 tablespoon of French Clay

Combine green tea infusion, aloe vera gel, and honey in a mixing bowl and stir it well. Slowly sprinkle in the french green clay while stirring.
You can add an essential oil if you like, one drop or two but no more! Two good oils for the recipe would be rosemary and levender.

Apply to a clean face immediately using gentle upward strokes and avoiding the areas around the eyes and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Simple Yogurt and French Green Clay Mask

1 tablespoon of French Clay
2 tablespoon plain yogurt
2 tablespoons distilled water

Mix together the yogurt and distilled water in a mixing bowl then slowly sprinkle in the french green clay while stirring.

Apply the past to your face immediatiately, using gentle, upward strokes and avoiding the the areas around the eyes. Let the mask sit on your skin for approximately 15 minutes or until it's dry then rinse it off with warm water.

For my son Ben we are using this recipe for his acne on his back.

3- 1/2 teaspoons of French Green Clay

3- 1/2 teaspoons of water

1 squirt of Aloe Vera gel

I just brush it on his back and he lets it dry when he does his homework and then take a shower.
We have been using it for 2 weeks 3 nights a week and it is helping his skin.

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----------------------------------------------------------------- Making an Infusion

Extracts can be made from plants using water to pull out the active ingredients, the end product is tea. Herbal infusions can be made with fresh or dried herbs and can be added to creams or balms for the herbs therapeutic properties. Herbs that can easly be used in infusions include green tea, rosemary, borage, calendula, chamomile, geranium, and roes petals.

Herbal infusion

2 ounces of fresh or 1 ounce dried herbs
1 cup distilled water
1-quart canning jar

Place the herbs in a french press. In a small pan, bring distilled water to a boil on the stove and pour over the herbs. Let the tea steep for ten minuts. Strain and pour into a canning jar.

You can use this herbal mixture in your bath water as well to enhance the therapeutic effect of the bath.

French Green Clay


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