Care for your Feet

Our feet are designed to support and balance the body with the weight shared between the ball and the heel. The arch of the foot, takes the weight and acts as a shock-absorber for the rest of the body, while the big toe and lesser toes give a little extra stability to the foot. Unless the foot is excercised regularly, the muscles will slacken. Poor muscle tone causes the arches and supporting ligaments to sag.

Care for your feet

Keep your feet clean and dry to keep any bacterial infections at bay.

Gently smooth any hard areas with a large emory board to prevent any calluses.

Trim nails regularly and remember to cut straight across and file horizontally as well. Never trim nails down the sides you don't want to encourage hangnails.

Rub lotions or cremes to keep skin moisturize. You can keep socks on over night (this really helps your cremes to have a chance to soak in!)

Soaking your feet is very relaxing. Get a bowl with 1 cup of salt, epsom salts, ( 2 tablespoons ) or sea salts dissolved in a gallon of warm water. Epsom salts are minerals that have cathartic properties and have been used in baths for aching feet and sore bidies. You can put a little lavender oil 5 to 10 vdrops in some tepid water as well and soak! Lavender comes from the latin meaning "to Clean".

Do not soak cold or wet feet in hot water. If your feet are cold, sit and raise them horizontally till they feel warmer.

Any of the products that have the Dead Sea Salts in it are for the most part good. The salt makes a good corse scrub for your feet and the minerals are good for a soak that will relax your muscles.


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