Are You Losing Eye Lashes 

One part of your eye care is your eye lashes. Here are some tips if you are losing them.

Reason For and What To Do About Losing Lashes

by: S.P. Bragg

Everyone wants to have long gorgeous lashes and unfortunately,
it's usually the men that are blessed with the long silky
variety. We have to work at it. And this generally means wear and
tear, not to mention a few lost lashes along the way. So, here
are a series of questions and answers that will make you more
knowledgeable on the care of your lashes.

My lashes are falling out! What does this mean?

Normally, it is perfectly natural for a few lashes to fall out

but if it is excessive, you might be doing something wrong. You
MUST be gentle when you remove your mascara. Never wipe or pull
at the lashes. It is also a good idea to pay attention to how
much mascara you use. The more you use, the harder it is to
remove and the wear and tear on delicate lashes can cause them to
fall out.

Try to avoid waterproof mascara as they are the hardest to
remove. Even your pillow maybe at fault for falling lashes. You
could be allergic to the filling, causing your eyes to swell and
damage to the lash area.

Are eyelash curlers harmful?

Everyone has used them, myself included but its best not to get
into this habit. The eyelash curler bends them into a severe
angle that is not natural, not to mention the possibility of
breaking or pulling them out. If you are going to use them, be
sure that lashes are clear of any mascara. Use the best lash
curler that you can find offering a thick sponge tip. Squeeze
gently, hold for a few seconds and then release the pressure
slowly. Gently remove from the eye area.

Are all makeup formulations the same?

You will find mascara that is waterproof and mascara that is
water soluble. Avoid the waterproof on most occasions. It should
only be used in special circumstances... like weddings or perhaps
an occasional trip to the beach. It is understandable that you
don't want to find yourself with black streaks running down your
face but waterproof mascara is difficult to remove without
tugging at the eye area.

Is high price mascara any better than the low priced varieties?

Not really. Regardless of the kind you choose, it should not
melt, flake or clump and you cannot tell by the price of the
mascara how good it is. Ask your friends for recommendations.

What should I be aware of?

In a word, mascara that has already started to dry out. If you
find this happening, take it back for a refund or a new tube. To
prevent your new tube from drying out, don't pump the wand into
the mascara. This carries air down into the tube, hastening the
drying out. You should also avoid choosing a brand that offers a
big brush. Having a large brush means that the tube has to have a
larger opening. Needless to say, this allows even more air to
enter the tube. Actually, I find the big brushes are more of a
hindrance than anything else making it harder to reach the lashes
at the corners of your eyes.

What is the best way to remove mascara?

If you think about it, the use of eye makeup removers cause you
to wipe at the eye area and you don't want to do this. It causes
sagging and you already know how delicate this skin is. Instead,
use a cleanser that will remove it.

What is the best way to apply?

Upper Lashes: use a rolling technique starting as close to the
lash line as possible and coat to the end of the lashes gently
curving them upward as you go. Powder the lashes and reapply.

Bottom lashes can be a little more tricky. You have to hold the
wand perpendicular to the eye and parallel to the lashes. This
prevents mascara from marring below the eye. It also allows you
to hit the corners of the eyes using this technique. And be sure
to DO the lower lashes. It looks odd if you ignore the lower and
just darken the upper lashes. On a last note, save an old brush
that has been well cleaned to remove any clumps that occur and to
separate lashes.

Are there any dangers involved with the use of mascara? a word, bacteria. It is extremely important to
toss out mascara after 4 months use but if there is an unusual
odor coming from the tube before the throw away date, discard
immediately. Bacteria contaminants found on the applicators and
in the product can and have lead to severe eye damage, even
blindness. Actually there are several cases on record that
indicate that this isn't an isolated case or two.


What causes mascara to flake?

It usually means that it is too old. Throw away immediately.

How do you stop your mascara from melting?

There is a mascara product on the market that is perfectly clear.
After you apply your mascara, seal it with this product and the
melting does not occur. Actually, you can get even more mileage
out of the clear mascara by using it to control ruly brows. Holds
them in place nicely and is not visible.

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