Pure Essential Oil Mandarin

As with essential oil Mandarin and any of the essential oils that you my want to use in homemade skin care recipes try to find out as mush as you can before using it.

Mandarin Pure Essential Oil
Author: Michael Russell

The mandarin tree is a member of the orange family. The pure essential oil comes from the outer peel of the mandarin. The mandarin peel is pressed, and from it comes the flowery, sweet aroma scent associated with the oil. This oil is believed to improve mood and "relieve anxiety". The oil is really a happy oil, as the smell of the oil gives you the feeling of cleanliness. It is safe for all ages, and children especially enjoy the aroma of the oil.

Therapeutic Effects of Mandarin Pure Essential Oil

There are many ways mandarin oil can uplift your spirits. Its tart, fresh aroma makes the oil useful for combating depression and sadness. It's properties enable it to ease distress, and it can even act as a gentle sedative.

What can pure essential oil of Mandarin do for me? There are many symptoms and problems mandarin pure essential oil can help with. The list can be somewhat overwhelming, but we will cover some of the most common ailments the oil is used for. For starters, it can be used as a natural cleaner around the house. Just add a few drops of oil to some water, dampen a rag, and clean away. The natural antiseptic properties of the mandarin oil will help clean and disinfect the items or rooms you are cleaning. This is especially good for the children's room, where you would not want the processed chemicals is some of the cleaners in the air, or on the surfaces the children are touching.


Second, it helps to prevent stretch marks. Mix mandarin oil with a carrier oil, such as safflower, sweet almond, or grape seed extract, and rub on your stomach every day while pregnant. The mixture should be ½ cup of carrier oil, and 50 drops of mandarin pure essential oil. This oil is safe for pregnant women, so no need to worry. It only prevents, not removes. Sorry!

Third, it can also help relieve muscle cramps or tired muscles. Just mix 10 drops of Mandarin Oil and 5 drops of Geranium Oil in 1 cup of milk, and then add to the bath water. You cannot just add oils to water for obvious reasons. They do not mix. You need some sort of carrier, to absorb the oil, then to mix with the water. This is where the milk comes in.

As I said earlier, there are many other ailments, but the list is too long to cover. The main ingredient of the oil is the aroma. This is why it is called the "happy" oil. Just the fresh smell of oranges is enough to relax you and relieve your anxiety.

Safety information

One of the safest oils to use with everyone. Safe to use during pregnancy. Just make sure to take care. Mandarin oil is slightly yellow and will leave a residue in the diffuser lamp. You must also ensure to avoid direct sunlight if the oil has been applied to your shin. The oil is photosensitive, and will leave brown spots on your skin. The spots will go away with time, but it's just better to not have them.

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Essential Oil Mandarin