Dry Skin Care

 Now, I know my dry skin care for the cold in  winter is a hot bath......... Sounds Good! With the price of heating bills I'm already in hot water. Bills paid -- house still cold. Any way put some oil in your bath water. Or use a moisturizer before drying off.

Dry Skin Care

Dry Skin Care
From  Jimmy Sturo

Dry skin is one of the most common skin ailments faced by people everywhere in the world. Dry Skin can be genetic or can be caused by severe weather conditions or by usage of chemical cosmetics or soaps.

In the event the skin ailment is severe as is in the case of psoriasis and eczema, the best option is to consult a physician. Medicines for such ailments must not be self-prescribed and must be only bought under the physician’s advice.

If the skin is dry due to external conditions, ensuring to take a few precautions can rectify the condition. In the case of a heating system being constantly used at home, it is wise to use a humidifier. Avoid excessive sweating and scratchy clothes as these might case the dry skin to itch.

One important remedy that can easily be followed is to drink lots of water. At least two quarts of water have to be taken in per day if the skin is dry. This prevents the skin from dehydrating. The other option would be to take in lots of food containing vitamins A and B.

One sure thing that dries the skin is soaking in water. It is advised to take bath only in lukewarm water, as either hot or cold water would remove the natural oils and dry the skin.

Chemical soaps also play a big part in removing natural oils. Mild soaps or cleansers would work better on the skin. If the skin is excessively dry, it is better opt for oil-based soaps and cleansers rather than for water based ones. People should opt to use non-perfumed cleansers as they are milder compared to perfumed ones.

After taking a bath, it is wise to towel dry with gentle patting rather than vigorous wiping. This ensures the moisture is still retained in the skin to some extent.

It is also a good idea to apply moisturizer right after the bath. Some moisturizers can be applied on wet skin to retain excess moisture and can be used in case of a severely dry skin. Also, people who are exposed to the sun a lot can use a good moisturizing sunscreen.

Frequent oil massage also replenishes the body oils. Regular cleansing gives the dry skin a revitalized look. Body oil can be applied on the wet skin right after bath to give the skin a youthful look.

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Dry Skin Care

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