Curly Hair

How to care for curly hair

Have you spent time and energy trying to coerce your ringlets and waves into stick-straight strands? Sunsilk ( shows you how to make the most of yours:

Make the cut

The first step to great curly hair: a layered cut. When hair is all one length, the weight pulls and flattens curls, especially on top-which can give your head an unattractive pyramid look. But layers give curly hair body and movement while keeping it under control. Be sure to keep layers relatively long. Layers that are too short can make curls stick up and out.

Brighten up

If voluminous curls overwhelm your face, your stylist can open up your features by pulling a few subtle highlights through parts of curls that hit your cheeks and temples. Prefer to go bolder? Take ringlets around the eyes, cheeks, and chin or at the crown and highlight the entire curl.

Hang loose

When styling, don't try to control curls too much. Loose, flowing ringlets- whether left long or cut into a shoulder-length bob - have a natural softness that looks both feminine and modern. Just keep your hair frizz-free and in good condition.

Up-do it

Need a fast and easy hairstyle for a fancy occasion? Try a curly updo. Use a headband to pull ringlets back away from your face, then pin them up on top of your head with bobby pins the same shade as your hair. Arrange your curls so that they cover the pins. Let a few ringlets dangle down by your face for instant romance and sophistication.

Keep the curl

To ensure your locks look great all day long, resist the urge to touch curls-and don't even think about brushing them (both can turn hair into a wiry mess). Freshen a droopy 'do by misting hair with water or spray-on conditioner, then twist each curl gently into place.

Get into condition (er)

Curly hair is often very dry, so use shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to help prevent moisture loss and breakage, such as Sunsilk De-Frizz with Aloe-E to soothe and moisturize hair into well-behaved waves and curls.

Fight frizz

After washing, wring the water out with your hands but skip the towel-dry. Gently use your fingers to detangle. Apply a little Sunsilk De-Frizz 24/7 Cr�me, then scrunch ringlets with your fingers. Snap a diffuser (a curly-haired girl's best friend) onto your blow dryer and continue to scrunch as you dry.


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