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Eye Beauty Tips for Asian Pacific Women By Jaks Lloyd


As many Asian women are exposed to fashion and beauty media aimed primarily at white Caucasian women, it is important to be aware of the subtle differences between the two although the beauty concepts are similar.

Appreciating the difference in skin, eyes and hair is essential to making the most of the natural and exotic beauty enjoyed by so many Asian Pacific women.

What works well for blond hair and blue eyes may prove to be ill suited or even a disaster for women of other ethnic groups.

The yellow and golden skin tones and exotic eye shape are the most outstanding difference that Asian Pacific women enjoy over women of other races and these are just the features that should be emphasized to create a naturally beautiful effect.

Just think how many leading actresses and photographic fashion models with Asian looks have become prominent in films, TV and magazines in the last decade.

Film makers, magazine editors, fashion houses have at last recognized the allure and naturally exotic beauty that so many Asian women possess.

At the same time the cosmetic industry has developed make up specifically designed to suit and enhance Asian skin tones.

An Asians woman's eyes are not only her best asset but also her biggest challenge when it comes to applying make up.


Start by making sure you have good tools. Checking out the on line sites is the quickest and best way to compare prices and quality, and gives you time to consider your best buys.

Many Asian women think that they should use foundations and powder in shades, mainly pink that counteracts their natural skin tones.

More often than not this produces an unnatural look.

The use of yellow shaded facial products creates a naturally attractive clear modern look and does not make the skin more yellow looking, as many women believe.

Eye MakeUp Tips

Picking the right eye shadow brush. The ideal width should be 3/5 of the space between your eyebrows and upper lash line when your eyes are open. Choose a brush with good quality bristles.

Eye Shadow Colors. Experiment with colors that you think look good on you. For work and daytime think about more natural shades.

For looking great for going for the evening try brighter shades to give greater emphasis to your naturally beautiful almond eye shape.

Coral, orange or light grey can complement your skin shade and looks up to date and fashionable. Although widely used, be careful with some browns, which can give a dated look.

It's fun to experiment with eye shadows and liners and you can get some great effects.

Use a tapered contoured crease brush to create depth and size for the eyes. Eye lining pencils are the most important eye makeup tool for controlling the look of your eyes.

By drawing the line past the outer corner of the eye and blending it upwards you can emphasize the naturally longer and exotic look of your beautiful Asian eyes.

To downplay the exotic look at work or during the day, gradually thicken the eye line as you work towards the outer corner and stop just past the end.

Tips on applying mascara and enhancing the lashes apply to every woman.

Try using a lighter shade of eyeliner under the lower lashes and a heavier shade above the upper lashes if you want your eyes to appear deeper and more open.

Always use a light touch when applying eye make up, if you want to add depth then do so in easy stages, otherwise you may have to clean up and start all over again or feel uncomfortable with the make up looking caked on and unnatural.

When we meet people, whether it is for the first time or old friends, most will first look into each others eyes.

It is no wonder that it is said that the eyes are truly the mirrors of the soul. That first impression is important in so many situations that special attention to healthy, clear and beautiful eyes is worth the effort.

Jacqueline Lloyd is the author of this article which appears in her definitive website For your Eyes Only/ Model Tips and Tricks for Beautiful Eyes

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Asian Eye Beauty Tips

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