How To Reduce Puffy Eyes

A little help for your Puffy Eyes From Jerrick

By Jerrick Foo

Late nights, poor nutrition and stress are the main reasons why one would have puffiness around the eyes. Water retention is usually weak around the eyes when you have puffy eyes.

Here’s what you can do to correct the water retention around your eyes level.


Stay away from food that is sensitive to your skin. Things like junk food and chocolate should be limited as far as possible.

Salt Intake

Excessive salt intakes are harmful to your skin. If you have the habit of adding extra salt and eating processed foods that are high in salt content, you need to make adjustments to your daily food selection habits.


Increasing your intake of potassium can help against puffy eyes. Consume fruits and vegetables containing lots of potassium in them. Kiwi, bananas and avocado has high content of potassium in them. Bran wheat contains one of the richest sources of potassium as well.

Internal Problems

There are many other contributory factors can lead to puffy eyes as well. Possible causes of puffy eyes could also arise due to problems with kidney, bladder or an under active thyroid. If you suspect your puffy eyes are due to such reasons, you should see your doctor for a full medical checkup. Your doctor may prescribe diuretics medication to help ease the water level at your eyes level.

Natural Herbs to help Puffy Eyes

You can turn to natural diuretic herbs that contain dandelion, celery seed or solidago that can help your puffy eyes as a long term solution. Remember to avoid food that can make your puffy eyes worse. Some examples are dairy products like milk, cheese and ice cream. Heavy, unhealthy food like pasta, pizza, cakes and crumpets should be limited during your meals as well.

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