Hair Bands and Ponytails are hot Summer Trends

On a typical hot, humid summer day in Canada, most women cringe at the thought of plugging in their hairdryer. They want to maintain a hot style in the summer, but avoid the extra heat. Paul Pereira, Schwarzkopf Professional stylist and owner at Now Salon in Toronto, says there are two hot styles this summer that will keep one stylish and cool; the chic hair band and the slick ponytail.

"The hair band is a great accessory for those who want 'hair to go'. It is simple and very trendy right now. We've seen this look on the runways and on several celebrities," says Pereira. "The hair band can be worn in two ways, one with the hair completely slicked back and the other with a fringe left in front."

Pereira suggests one detail to consider when adding a hair band is to ensure it is securely in place. "The secret is to crisscross bobby pins just behind the ear on both sides to keep it in place," he says.

According to Pereira, the key to this season's hair band trend is extra volume at the crown. This gives the style added sophistication. "Use a tail comb to back comb the hair at the crown, using 3 or 4 gentle strokes at the root," says Pereira. "Position the band onto the hair and then, lightly smooth hair down with the comb."

The second hot style is the ponytail. "The ponytail tends to be a classic in the summer," says Pereira. "On the runways this season, the ponytail had a wet finish to it."

When it comes to the slick ponytail, the key is to keep the sides neat, and close to the scalp. "To avoid puffiness at the sides of the head, use a gel like OSiS Wet Blend slicking gel to keep hair flat and sleek," says Pereira. "Moving the ponytail off to one side is also a hot trend this season."

After securely tying the ponytail in place, the next step is to cover up the elastic. This makes the look more professional and shows the extra attention paid to detail. "Take a small section of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic. Tuck the ends into the elastic or use a bobby pin," says Pereira.

Another tip to styling a professional-looking hair band or ponytail is to include a side part. "To make a ponytail or hair band look sophisticated, part hair at the side by angling a tail comb on a diagonal from the outside of the eye toward the crown."

Just a few key tips and tricks help make a classic look this season's hottest trend.

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