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Wayne'r is looking for the organic skin care products manufacturer. Do you make your own products or do you use an organic product line you would like to tell us about. You may even work for a manufacturer that sells organic skin care products? I would like to list your information here. The more information the better!!


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One World Organics
Hi Wayne! Here's a product line you might be interested in for your page: It's the world's first extensive range of certified organic products for skin, body, hair, oral and personal care, and a probiotic superfood. Excellent!

Keep up the good work. Your page is awesome!

Kare Bare

 Organic body products - Even Cleopatra used one

By Polly Priester

Hello all you wonderful people out there. Do any of you know anything about organic body care? Do any of you use organic body products?

I happen to know of some very famous people who did. Even the beautiful Cleopatra used organic products. She would take her bath in a tub of milk in order to relax and keep her skin soft. In the 1800's Miss Josephine, Emperor Napoleon's ex-wife, busied herself with organic gardening. Every variety of roses known at the time could be found in her exquisite garden.

Between then and now a lot of chemicals have been developed that are used in foodstuffs and cosmetics. However, for me, personally, nothing can take away from the thrill of discovering natural uses for herbs and flowers and learning about natural cures.

Take roses. Rose petals can be used for their scent in perfume, deodorant, air freshener, soaps, potpourri mixes, and even for eating. Do you remember mom's remedy for a cold - leaning over a bowl of boiling water with your head covered in a towel and inhaling? Just add some organic rose petals to the boiling water and inhale that fragrance. The same water can then be poured into spray bottles and voilĂ , you have a natural air freshener.

Still we have come a long way since the time of Cleopatra and Josephine. As you probably know, there is always more than one way of doing things. You and I each have our own preference. What's good for one person is not necessarily good for another. Let's face it, not everyone is going to take a milk bath. Today you can go out and buy all kinds of organic body products including organic body lotion. You choose. You decide, You have fun.

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