Homemade Bath Bombs

Make your own Bath Bombs!

Paul Duxbury

Bath bombs are easy to make and provide a delightful fizzing adventure in
the tub. If you do not know what a bath bomb is, it is a sweet scented
mixture of citric acid, baking soda and other ingredients that fizz when you
plop them into your tub.

As your bomb fizzes, the scent is released filling the room with a
comforting aroma that lasts for hours.

soda as well as some witch hazel in a spray bottle.

First, mix the baking soda and citric acid together well, so that they are
blended well. Next, add colorant if desired (you can use dried herbs for
colour, just a pinch or so) and enough fragrance to scent the mixture well.

Now, grab your witch hazel, and work fast as the mixture will start fizzing
once you start adding the hazel. Sprits with one hand, and stir well with
the other hand until the mixture is thoroughly wet with a consistency of
play dough.

Now firmly press your mixture into moulds (ice cube trays work well), then
let your bombs sit overnight until dry.

just means that you used too much witch hazel resulting in a mixture that
was too wet. Over time you will know what consistency is best for the
humidity in your area. Until then, practice makes perfect.

The more you pack your mixture into your mould, the longer lasting and
harder your bombs will be.

Your bath bombs can be used for yourself, as gifts to family and friends or
sold to make some spare cash.

A nice way to package your bombs for gift giving would be to wrap them in
cellophane and place a few in a large coffee cup, along with a sealed bag of
hot cocoa, tea or coffee and a small candle.

Wrap this attractively in colourful wrap, add a bow, and you have a mini spa
treat that is sure to please anyone.

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