Helpful Braiding Tips

Karen got some good helpful braiding tips when we were on our Honey Moon down in St. Martin. We need to go again!! ggg

By : Marquetta Breslin

Beautifying yourself by applying various braided styles has been an aged-old trend. All it needs is a creative mind that can provide a huge number of hairstyles through different stylish braids.

Braids give your hair a fabulous look. They encourage hair growth and are a good way to hide thinning. You get a wide variety of braiding styles varying from cornrows, locks, closed cropped braids to individual braid plaits and coils. Celebrities are equally attracted towards the braided hairstyle, which further raises its demand in the market.


The growing popularity of braids owes to their low-maintenance factor as well. You need to visit a professional for its adequate maintenance as it does require maintenance after all. Neglecting it may affect your hair adversely causing it great damage. Regular conditioning and moisturizing your scalp is the least requirement.

You should wear your braids anywhere between 2 weeks to 3 months but not after it. Women with thinning hair should wear the braids with caution. It may cause undue stress on the edges so using a moisturizer and conditioner would save the hair from falling. Pamper your hair with braiding and give yourself a new look through a new hairstyle.

You should keep in mind the basics of braiding, which are as follows -

* Go for a deep-conditioning before braiding. Have your hair properly trimmed, if you wish to have a stylish braid.

* Prefer to apply lightweight leave-in conditioners.

* Immediate braiding of a chemically straightened hair may harm it. Go for braiding only when a professional thinks it is safe for your hair to bear the tension of braids.

* If you wish to use human-hair extensions, choose the ones that are lightweight.

* When you wish to match the extensions to your own hair color, opt for the one that matches the middle or end of your hair. If you match the extension with the root color of the hair, the extension would look darker than the actual hair as root hair always have a darker look.

* If you go to sleep with wet hair, you are sure to invite unruly tangled hair.

* As the right braid can form only with perfect hair, be careful while maintaining them

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