How to use a Face Scrub

When you use a face scrub to clean your face what you are doing is cleaning the older dead skin cells off your outer skin layer. The newer cells will be able to retain moisture more effectively and, hence, have a plump look of younger skin.

In removing these old skin cells from the top layer exfoliation. This process encourages and stimulates the formation of new skin cells in the base layer of your skin which is where new skin cells are formed.

As you scrub your face you are also massaging your skin to improve circulation. As we get older our circulation giving us a more paler skin. Massaging the skin with a scrub improves our color and gives the skin a rosy glow.

A scrub will also remove excess oil from your skin. Oily skin will form a bond around these old dead skin cells keeping them on the top layer of the skin longer. Making them harder to be exfoliated then dry skin cells. Removing this excess oil from the skin will make your skin look smoother and cleaner. Often reducing the incidence of pimples.

Now if you have dry skin with not much oil, you want to remove the dead skin cells without removing what oil you do have in your skin. ?To do this you may to use a scrub that has the abrasive particles suspended in an oil. This will put back some of the oil that is removed.

This is your face and you may want to think of a scrub as a polishing your skin more than a scrubing your skin. No matter how oily your skin is you can very easly over scrub your skin.

Keep in mind that a scrub will not get rid of blemishes, blackheads or whiteheads. It is not intended to scrub away pimples or other skin problems. And never us a scrub if you have skin that is broken.

Some of the best scrubs that are out there are the ones that you can make for little money. Some on these ingredients oatmeal, cornmeal, or even finely powdered almonds.

I will cbe on the look out for homemade face scrubs recipies and will post them here and I would like to post your homemade face scrub recipes as well.

How to use a Face Scrub

First and for most do not and I mean do not over do it with these scrubs. Clean skin is clean skin but skin that is over scrubed is a trip to the dermatologist for help. Beleave me less is more.

Start with clean wet skin, letting the worm water moisten your face, this will soften the top layerand prepares it for the scrub. Using a circular motion gently massage the scrub on your face. Do not spend any more than a few seconds in any one place and the whole time from start to finish should not take over thirty seconds. Make sure that you stay away from the skin around your eyes. You will want to take longer in rinsing the scrub off. With warm water keep splashing your face untill it is all rinsed off, then pat dry.

Keep in mind that the product that you are using can be thin out with a little moisturizer.

Even with oily skin you would only use a scrub two to three times a week. And with dry skin even once a week is enough.

Do not use two types of abrasives at the same time. This can happen with out you even thinking. Lets say you get your scrub and put it on your face, then using a Buf-Puf pad to massage it in. These are two different kinds of abrasives and will be to much. I would only use your hands with a scrub that you make or buy. Using both can result in seriously irritated skin.

People with all kinds of skin types should always use a light touch and low energy when using these scrubs. And if it HURTS, STOP USING IT.

One more thing... take the time to read the ingredient list to see what is in it. There may be an ingredient in the scrub that may irritate your skin all by itsself.



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