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Fall Fashion Tips: How to enhance the natural Shape of Your Eye 

Professional eye-makeup application is all about highlighting with shades and color tones to suit the individual shape of our eyes.

And now, as the vibrant colors of autumn reappear, remember there are three simple rules, says Lucy Frechette, PR associate from Revlon: 1. If you want a feature to stand out, use light accents. 2. If you want it minimized, use dark - and this shading applies to all facial features. 3. Do have fun with the colors, but blend, blend, blend.

Here, courtesy of Revlon, are a few insider tips to enhance the varying eye shapes:


Enlarge by applying a light colour to the inner corners then sweeping it most of the way across your lid. Apply eyeliner to the outer corners only, on the top and bottom lid. Highlight under the brow bone.


Deep Set

Enliven them by applying a light shade just above the crease. Blend a medium tone into the socket line and a lighter shade under the brow. Draw a fine line under the upper lashes.


Widen eyes by sweeping a light color across the upper lid. Apply a deeper color into the crease and extend at the corners to the brow line. Line and smudge both the top and bottom lids.



To create lift at the corners, blend a medium tone over the lid sweeping upwards. Draw a false socket line with a darker shade and raise it at outer edge. Blend with highlighter at the outer corners. Apply eyeliner from the center of the upper lashes outwards, and smudge.


To minimize a prominent upper lid, sweep a dark color all the way across and include the bottom corner of the eye too. Apply highlighter under the brow bone and apply eyeliner across the top lashes.

If you are buying eye shadow, mascara, or eyeliner this month, it's worth noting that a portion of proceeds from the sales of the items in the Eye Wonder collection (by Revlon) will go directly to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

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