Dry Hair 

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Using any amount of hot air will cause your hair to dry out.
Dry weather and blow drying will strip the hair of its
moisture. Shampooing frequently and swimming in chlorinated
pools will lead to dry hair and split ends. Hair dyes, electric
curlers and permanents cause hair to dry out and have split

To avoid split ends, follow the following tips and keep your
hair glossy:

• Use mayonnaise: Use a dollop of mayonnaise on the palm of the
hand and massage it to the head and leave it on for five minutes
before having the bath. The recommended time for the mayonnaise
treatment is an hour.

• Spray the beer: If you do not get any respite from using the
mayonnaise, you can use beer as a good setting lotion that
gives your hair the crisp, healthy and shiny look. You can pour
some beer into an empty pump bottle and spray on the hair after
shampooing and towel dry. Then you can style or blow-dry the

• Shampoo minimally: Though it has become fashionable to
shampoo daily, it is not advisable to do so. Shampoo strips the
hair of its natural oils and thus gives it a dry, limp
appearance. Alternatively, choose a shampoo for dry, damaged

• Condition your hair: Dry hair can be benefited greatly by the
use of conditioners after shampooing. The outer layers of the
hair or cuticles peel away the shaft, resulting in split ends.
Conditioner glues these cuticles back to the shaft and
lubricates them. It also prevents static electricity, thus
preventing its frizzy appearance.

• Avoid heat: Heat appliances like blow-dryers, electric irons
and curlers damage the hair. Instead of blow-drying the hair,
you can pat dry with a towel. Replace electric curlers with
unheated plastic rollers that were used in a bygone era.
Straighten the hair by wrapping the slightly damp hair around
the cold rollers and leave them on for about ten minutes. To
curl the hair or to give them a wavy appearance, use sponge
rollers overnight or sleep with moist braids.

• Cover your head: Wearing a hat during windy days is the
safest way to protect the hair from drying out. This way, you
will also protect your hair from drying out by the sun.

• Cut off the split ends: Every six weeks or so, try cutting
off the split ends to keep them under control.

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