Piper J-3 Cub 

My first airplane project a Piper J-3 Cub. When you buy an airplane project you have to give it some thought on how your are going to get it home. A Cub not so bad, one trailer she fit.

The next question is where I'm I going to restore this Piper Cub. For me it was the Erdner Farm that I was living at. Mrs. Erdner let me use some of the space in the stables.

More of the story to come!

 I lived on the Erdner farm in the carrage house for 2 years of which it took me 18 months to restore the cub. Out side the carrage house was a fire pit. With free natural gas on the farm we would hang out late at night watch the fire and have a beer or two. Two pictures from my life that I think of often.

I would like to thank Bill Erdner long time high school frend for talking his mom into leting me restore my Cub in their stable.

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