Cleansing Cream

The biggest no no when using a cleansing cream is using a tissue or cotton ball to take off the cleansing cream along with your makeup, dirt and excess oil. For one thing the tissue is a paper product made from wood pulp and are irritating to the skin. Using just a cotton ball will not clean your skin alone and you will need to rince it off anyway. The best way to take off cleansing cream is with a wet washcloth.

Also you should apply the cream on a wet face. Do not forget that it is the water that will add moisture to your skin.

If you are using a cleansing cream to remove your makeup and are only using little to no makeup rarely if ever have a need for a heavy cream cleanser. The only time that you would use this kind of cleaner is if you are using an oil based makeup. And if you are wearing a lot of it you sometimes need an oily substance to get it off your face.

The two ingredients that you can use are Baby oil and Crisco. There are more products out there but will cost you more.

Also keep in mind that when you go into the department store and they recommend a cleansing cream they will also lead you into buying a toner to take off the cream. Any time you start using a new product on your skin in it is not working or has a change to your skin that you do not like stop using it. None of this wait and see or give it time. Also when you start to use two new products at the same time it will be harder to tell which one is giving your skin a problem.

This type of cleansing cream may lead you into not using water in cleaning your skin. I think water is the most important part in cleaning your face.

The only time that I can remember any one in my family using a cleansing cream was my great Aunt Ruth. My great aunt and uncle lived on a farm in the Ozarcs> I would go there in the summers to visit. Aunt Ruth would use a cleansing cream and then put on cold cream for the night. Looking back Aunt Ruth did have good skin and stayed out of the sun or had a hat on. But those good night kisses with the cold cream on was an eye opener when you are 8 years old.

If you use a cleansing cream leave your comments. What brands you use and what kind of skin you have, makeup you use or if it is work related.


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