Homemade Moisturizing Cream

You too can make a homemade moisturizing cream, and here is the how and why you should.

Some of the most effective moisturizing creams are also the most basic. A woman that wants to whip up a batch of the cream in as little time as possible may be able to do so using only ingredients found in the home, with no need to purchase any extras. Perhaps the most basic of moisturizing creams is a simple mixture of aloe vera and mineral water. Fresh aloe is broken from the plant and then crushed to form a chunky paste. Combined with an equal part of mineral water, the mixture should be heated in a double boiler until it turns into a smooth cream. This preparation is best for dry skin or after a sunburn.

A look at the labels of moisturizing creams found on store shelves will reveal that many contain the same ingredients as listed above. The major difference is that the store bought versions will often have preservatives and chemicals added to give them a longer shelf life. In addition to the recipes listed here, there are many other variations that women have created to address specific skin problems using a variety of common and herbal ingredients. A woman that doesn't mind getting her hands dirty will find that she is able to save tons of money, get a chemical-free product, and reel proud of making her own homemade moisturizing creams.


Homemade Moisturizing Cream


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