Skin Care Resolutions

Now I now that the article is "10 Beauty and Health Resolutions, but Victoria Winston article I would have said skin care resolutions. These good tips come from a person that knows a lot about skin care.

10 Beauty and Health Resolutions Every Woman Can Keep

By: Victoria Winston, 

So you can't lose those extra 20 pounds in 30 days - or hit the gym three days a week like you wish you could. But that doesn't mean you can't face the New Year with some resolve to be a better, healthier, even prettier you.

In fact, Yale professor Dr. David Katz says we should lighten up on strict resolutions and approach the New Year with reasonable expectations. Doing so will not only help you stick to your resolve, but the small changes you make can lead to bigger changes down the road - and an ambitious desire to improve your life in many more ways.

"If you let the small things add up they will add up to meaningful changes in the overall pattern of your life, " says Katz, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center, and co-author of "Stealth Health: How to sneak age-defying, disease-fighting habits into your life without really trying!"


To help get you started on those small but meaningful changes, here are 10 fast and easy health and beauty resolutions - little things you can do to positively change the way you feel -and the way you look - in 2006! Try one - or all ten - and I promise you'll see the difference way before spring!

1. Never go to bed wearing make-up. No matter how tired you are, no matter how late it is, take just 2 minutes to slather on and tissue off a facial cleanser and your skin will thank you. Not only will it help remove surface bacteria that could encourage breakouts, most make up is drying to the skin so removing it will help reduce wrinkling while you sleep. If you can squeeze in 30 more seconds for a quick application of moisturizer, you'll see a definite difference in your face in 7 days or less!

2. Never leave the house without sunscreen on your face. I know . . .you've heard it all before. But I promise you that taking this two minute step will not only yield enormous health benefits (like reducing your risk of skin cancer) it's also the single most important anti aging skin care step you can take. It's true - the sun IS the number one cause of wrinkles and aging skin. And sunscreen - well it's the biggest gun in your wrinkle defense arsenal! To make using it easy and automatic, look for either a moisturizer or a foundation with an SPF 15. This is one skin care resolutions that you will want to keep even in the winter.

3. Protect your lips - and look younger and sexier! Want those juicy, sexy, full Angelina lips? You can have them without a lot of muss and fuss IF you protect your pucker with a lip gloss or balm containing sunscreen. When lips are hydrated and protected they will automatically look fuller - and you'll look younger! You can capitalize on the protection if you swap out a matte lipstick for a high wattage gloss in a medium warm pink tone.

4. Whiten your teeth. If you haven't done it yet, this is the one resolution you MUST try! Not only is it the quickest, most inexpensive way to take years off your appearance, it can boost your confidence and give you that polished, well groomed look rich girl - for just pennies a day.

5. Clean out your make-up bag/ bathroom drawer/ vanity - and toss any products you've had more than a year. Not only can this help prevent potentially serious eye or skin infections, it will force you to re-evaluate your make up needs - and every woman needs to do that at least once a year! When you head out to the stores to buy items, step out of the box to try a new color or a new make up product. If you always wore lipstick, try gloss, if you only use neutral shadows try a deeper shade for a smokier look. Mix it up - and have fun finding a new look!

6. Keep up with your hair coloring. The 2 inches of "roots" look popularized on "Sex and the City" is going, going, gone! In it's place is more natural, highlighted color . If you're wearing a shade you just can't bear to change, make sure you touch up those roots every 4 weeks. If the time - or the expense - doesn't permit that kind of attention, then think about having your hair professionally highlighted and low lighted - a mixture of many shades and tones of basic colors like honey blonde, or chestnut brown. The look lasts for up to six months without a touch up.

7. Trade in your shower gel for a moisturizing bar of soap. Did you ever wonder why the ingredient label on your shower gel is 2 inches long and filled with chemical terms you can't pronounce - while the ingredients on an average bar of beauty soap is just one sentence? Most gels contain chemicals, dyes, foaming agents, and lots of drying alcohol - all things your skin doesn't need. Try a daily shower with a moisturizing soap instead - and see your entire body complexion come alive in just 14 days or less. And - you'll save a ton of money too!

8. Wear a bronzer all year long. Most gals think of a powder bronzer as a summertime treat. But it's also the Hollywood secret that keeps many an aging starlet from looking her age - or letting on how little sleep she really gets! Just a quick pouf of powder on the bridge of your nose, the tops of your cheers, and round the outer rim of your forehead will give you a glow that will leave everyone wondering . . .is she in love . . . again ?

9. Take a calcium/vitamin D supplement every day. While many women believe calcium is only important if you're pregnant - or post menopausal - the truth is gals of all ages need this vital mineral to maintain a strong and healthy skeleton - and protect against broken bones. What you may not realize: Studies show women in their 20's need this protection as much as women in their 50's! But that's not all! The latest research shows getting adequate calcium may also help keep skin looking younger longer! And since we're all staying out the sun, the vitamin D is essential to make sure the calcium you take is absorbed. Try it for a month - you'll see a difference!

10. Wear fragrance every day! Even if you're just spending the day doing laundry or cleaning the bathroom, studies show that wearing your favorite fragrance is a great way to lift your mood and keep energy levels high. Starting your day with a dousing of fragrance will also make you feel special - and that can affect how you act and react during the entire day. If you can't afford to use your favorite pricey designer fragrance every day, look for scented body lotions or anoint your pulse points with a fragrant bath oil. For an inexpensive scented body powder purchase any corn-starch based baby powder, pour into an air tight plastic container and spritz the contents several times with your favorite fragrance. Close the lid, shake it - and voila - when you open it you'll have a whole container of perfumed talc for pennies!

About the author: Victoria Winston is a former runway model and now the style director of Http:// - a fabulous fashion and beauty outlet.

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