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Shaving tips from Karen and Wayne

      Is your shave to close? If you have razor bun, itchy skin, or a problem with ingrown hair it may be from having to close of a shave. With a new five blade razor you may be cutting your hairs off below the skin. Leaving your skin sensitive and may be leading to your ingrown hairs. Karen and I both use the Bic Silky Touch razors. These razors are inexpensive at Fred's they are only $3.00 for ten. And being all different colors it is easy to know who's is who's.

       Using a shaving cream that has alcohol or a fragrance, it is seasy to check more than likely it will be one of the fist three ingredients on the lable. Either one of these ingredients can lead to irritable and dry skin. If you feel like you need to use some kind of cream us you hair conditioner.

       Karen's routine for shaving her legs is to do it at the end of her shower. On her legs she will use a plastic scrunchee plastic sponge, This is to clean and exfoliate her skin. With the same soap as she uses for her whole body she will lather up her legs to shave them. Start at your ankles and work your way up your leg. The hair on ones legs grows down.

       In the summer she will use a cream with a SPF in it and in the winter a heavier cream.

       If you have any shaving tips you use and would like to share we would be glad to post them..

By Wayne Potter


Tricks for Smoother Shaving

(NC)-Irritated by cuts and rashes from your shaving routine? Here's some smooth advice to keep your armpits in beautiful shape this spring.

Lather up

Shave in the shower or right after, and use a moisture-rich shaving cream. Hot water and humidity combined with lotion will increase skin's elasticity and soften the hair.

Go with the grain

To help prevent nicks and ingrown hairs, shave in the direction of your hair's growth. For knees, hold skin taut (bend knees) and apply short strokes. Just don't overdo it. Fewer strokes can help reduce skin rashes.

Treat your razor right

To keep the blade sharp, rinse the razor in hot, running water. Store it in the medicine cabinet - not in the shower, where it can breed mould and cause an infection. Replace blade after about four uses.

Extra care for your underarm skin

Shaving reveals new, delicate skin that requires extra care, especially on sensitive areas like underarms. Use an anti-perspirant, such as Dove, that contains both moisturizers to nourish your skin as well as effective odour and wetness ingredients.

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Shaving Tips

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