Scalp Eczema Beat It Now

These Tips on Scalp Eczema may help. Let me know what you have tryed and I will post them as well.

By Sylvia Johnstone

Scalp Eczema is a condition which affects many many people, yet a good percentage of them won’t even know they have it. The symptoms can be hard to spot at first, as they can manifest themselves as a lot of other conditions. In some people it can be no worse than mild dandruff, but in others in can causes blistering of the scalp and even hair loss. We’ve developed a few quick tips to help you get the best of it.

Eat Fish Oil

It has been found that Omega -3 Fish Oil has excellent healing effects on Scalp Eczema, and a few other conditions besides. The downside is that it can take around 12 weeks for your condition to show signs of improvement, but the upside is that Omega -3 Fish Oil supplements are pretty easy to find an inexpensive to boot.

The fish oil improves your Eczema because it contains Essential Fatty Acids. These are the chemicals that your body uses in order to breakdown certain enzymes and particles. The list of things that essential fatty acids can help with is pretty staggering- improving skin condition, leveling out your moods, producing the body’s energy, decreasing allergies and strengthening the immune system, to name but a few things. I’m sure you’re already thinking that taking some Omega -3 Fish Oil to help your scalp eczema is a good idea!

Eat Salads

I don’t mean the tiny token effort salads you get from a fast food joint, I mean the kinds of salads that your Grandma would be proud to make! All the vitamins and minerals in some of that greenery is very good for your skin and your body’s regeneration cycles, so the right salad can really put your efforts to beat scalp eczema on steroids!

One of the main things to include is Alfafa sprouts. Like the fish oil, Alfalfa sprouts seem like an amazing super food with which you can treat many ailments. They will really help your eczema as they are a natural detoxifier and anti oxidant, which means they will begin to rid your skin of the nasty bacteria which cause your Eczema to get inflamed and sore. Another of the benefits is that the sprouts are high in protein and will prevent DNA destruction, which will in turn help you look younger for longer. Didn’t I say it was a miracle food?

Eat one such large salad every single day, and this coupled with the Omega 3- Fish Oil supplements will have you noticing the difference in no time at all!

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