Living with Psoriasis

 I will be looking for psoriasis treatment tips from the internet, magazines and from people stopping by and leaving their comments.

Start with this article on Psoriasis from the Federal Citizen Information Center. One of the best places to get info.

                           Federal Citizen Information Center

Below are two articles from News Canada that I thought were good. And at the Bottom of the page are 5 more Articles on Psoriasis. And at the Bottom are 6 more articles!!!

Sun kissed:
Living with Psoriasis

(NC)-When shorts are being pulled out of closets and swimming pools are opening up, most Canadians are rejoicing. Summer is upon us.

But, enjoying the warm weather comes at a price for the nearly one million Canadians with psoriasis [pronounced 'sore-EYE-ah-sis']. Canadians with psoriasis often avoid summer clothing and water activities due to the appearance of their skin.

Psoriasis occurs when faulty signals in the immune system cause skin cells to grow too quickly every three to four days instead of the usual 30-day cycle. Extra skin cells build-up on the skin's surface. They then form red, flaky and scaly patches that are often itchy and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, psoriasis is highly visible and can appear anywhere on the body - and most commonly on the joints, limbs and scalp.

"Too many people with psoriasis feel they have to cover-up their condition," says dermatologist Dr. Norman Wasel. "Rather than feeling the warm sun and gentle breezes on bare skin, many of my patients are hiding in pants and long sleeve shirts because they are embarrassed about their condition."

Tips that can make summer more fun, and more tolerable, for psoriasis-sensitive skin:

Avoid sunburns - Moderate sun exposure can actually help psoriasis symptoms, but skin trauma such as sunburns can be a trigger for psoriasis. So limit your time in the sun, apply SPF 30 sunscreen faithfully, and enjoy the sun responsibly.

Be careful about combining sunlight and medication - Psoriasis sufferers should consult their doctors about sun exposure, particularly if they have been undergoing phototherapy. Some of the medications used in phototherapy may increase the sensitivity of the skin to sunlight, resulting in painful sunburns, or even an increased risk of skin cancer.

Moisturize! - Being in the sun all day can dry your skin. The use of a good-quality emollient in a cream form will keep skin moist, reduce itching and cracking, and soothe scaly plaques.

Wear loose, light, comfortable clothing - Tight, ill-fitting clothing or shoes can irritate skin and aggravate psoriasis symptoms. Choose cool, loose clothing in soft natural fibers, such as cotton, and comfortable shoes or sandals loose enough to accommodate minor foot swelling in hot weather.

Talk to your doctor about new treatment options - There are many different treatments for psoriasis. A new class of treatments are available that work with the body to treat the condition and keep the symptoms at bay. One of the newest therapies is called Raptiva and unlike conventional therapies it can be administered at home and will offer continuous control of psoriasis symptoms.

Be sensible about nutrition, alcohol and smoking - Remember that a healthy lifestyle is important to keep your psoriasis symptoms under control. So eat sensibly, limit your intake of alcohol, and try to quit smoking. Your body, and your psoriasis, will be better for it!

More psoriasis information is available online at

- News Canada

Latest Sent In Tip
Try Zinc
: Hello! great info!!! I just wanted to add my thoughts on Psoriasis. I have lived with it since childhood, now I'm 35. I've tried it all. I maintain with moisturizing, especially in winter. But the new thing is that I added Zinc supplements to my regimen a year ago and it has really helped! the scarring will remain but it's alot less noticeable. I am wearing capris and tank tops now, something I never did! Try the zinc, 50mg (1 tab) per day, consult with doctor beforehand. Hope this helps!


                         Top Five Psoriasis Myths

1. Myth: Psoriasis is contagious.

Fact: Psoriasis is not contagious. It is a life-long, immune mediated skin disease.

2. Myth: Psoriasis is caused by poor hygiene.

Fact: There is no link between hygiene and psoriasis. Psoriasis is a disease that no amount of washing or scrubbing can remove the scaly areas, or ensure they don't come back.

3. Myth: Psoriasis is just an annoying skin rash.

Fact: Once thought to be a skin condition, research has shown that psoriasis is actually a disease of the immune system that causes abnormal growth in skin cells.

4. Myth: Psoriasis can be cured.

Fact: Psoriasis is a chronic disease for which there is currently no cure. Once symptoms appear, patients have psoriasis for life.

5. Myth: Psoriasis only affects patients physically.

Fact: There is a significant emotional impact experienced by psoriasis sufferers including feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, anger, frustration and even depression.

- News Canada

Tips on Psoriasis
While there's no cure, there are many treatments
With out over scrubing you want to keep the affected areas clean. You see bacteria can get into the scales of psoriasis. Choose a mild body wash. For shampoos try using a tar-based product.

                       Articles on Psoriasis:

Coping Through the Winter Months

Coping With Psoriasis During the Harsh Winter Months

The onset of winter is accompanied by colder, drier air and less sunlight, driving Canadians into hibernation. Common winter complaints include dry, itchy skin, the winter blues, and flu bugs, but for the more than one million Canadians affected by psoriasis.....

This Story May Help You

This Story on Psoriasis may help you!!! At the end of Brenda's story there is another article More "Than Meets The Eye" from News Canada with more good info.

Rainforest Medicines

Rainforest Medicines for Eczema and Psoriasis Treatment

Twenty years ago, pharmaceutical manufacturers did not research plants as a source of medicines. Today, over 100 pharmaceutical companies are engaged in such research, and plant sources have become a mainstay in Western medicine. One of the most fruitful sources has been the rainforests

Coconut Oil May Help

Here is a start for coconut oil information the links in the articles will take you to Skin MD which Wayne'r thinks has a lot of good information as well.

Feel the Pleasure of Lively Skin

This article gives a list of different types of treatment for psoriasis. It also gives some of the side effects. Make sure you read the bottom of the page.

2.2 percent of American adults has it

By Camry James

What are the Stats on Psoriasis?

It is estimated that about 2.2 percent of American adults have been diagnosed with psoriasis, confirming that psoriasis is a common disease.1

11 percent of those diagnosed with psoriasis have also been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. This is a prevalence of 0.25 percent of American adults in the general population.

Info From Dr. Fox

Here is a good article on what can make psoriasis worse and what can help. One thing that I did not know was sunburn may make psoriasis worse. One more reason to use sunscreen. Read on for more info....

Psoriasis Treatment

Wayne'r went to Jonathan Carp's Blog on Psoriasis Treatment and found it to be a good place for information on psorias. Start here with his article on Enbrel.

Understanding Information

The natural ingredients that are listed for psoriasis got my attention. In this Article...

Escape This Disease To Enjoy Fresh And Healthy Skin

Psoriasis is a usual skin disease that comes as lesions with white scales on the skin and also leads to weakening of skins and joints. It is a chronic disease that is characterized by red, silvery, thick and scaled patches on the skin. Read on....

New, 100% Natural Treatment

I have not used this for psoriasis, eczema, or dry skin my self. But in reading the ingredients I would say this has a good chance in helping. I realy like Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil. If you do order it and like it drop us a note. The reviews in the article sound good, lets have yours.



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