Hannah's Notes on Pores from Skin Actives

Pore is the common name given to the pilosebaceous unit, a part of the anatomy of normal skin, and distinct from the “real” pores involved in sweating. The structure of the pilosebaceous unit consists of hair, hair follicle, muscle, and sebaceous gland. Sebaceous glands are connected to hair follicles and deposit sebum on the hairs, which bring the sebum to the skin surface along the hair shaft. In our less evolved primate cousins, sebum protects and “waterproofs” hair and skin, but for us, sebum still can help our skin with some anti-aging effects (in that it waterproofs the skin with oil, preventing moisture loss over time).

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Besides this effect, sebum is mostly a leftover product of evolution – and how much we have and make is more up to genetics than it is to what we do to our skin. In any case, pores are here to stay for the foreseeable future, say, a few hundred thousand years so we have to learn to live with them. One of the effects of this not very useful sebum is acne, so I can see why the popularity of pores is so low. Advertisers have gone a step further: they look at pores as an obstacle to perfect skin and to the ideal of beauty that the products they sell are trying to achieve.

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Figure: pilosebaceous unit

Pores get larger and more visible during adolescence, when hormones increase sebum secretion. Pores can get clogged with dead cells, keratin and sebum, forming an environment lacking in oxygen and favorable to the growth of the acne bacteria. This is a real problem and one that adequate skin care can prevent and correct. Blackheads are supposed to be black or brown, indicating that the lipids in the ‘plug” have been oxidized.

To "shrink" pores, our Vitamin A Cream and Collagen Serum will help long term, but your pores will never be again the size they were before adolescence, and your skin will never be again as smooth as a baby’s.

As long as you continue using the Vitamin A Cream, you will not get much more benefits from the Alpha Beta Exfoliator, because the initial exfoliation has already happened. Now it is a long term process of keeping your skin cells renewing, and the Collagen Serum provides nutrition to make the renovation possible.

Please don't squeeze pores. You may be lucky, but many people scar and get hyperpigmentation when they squeeze, depending on the reaction of their skin to stress. Moreover, “pore squeezing” could be considered an “entry level” activity to dangerous OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) that could later worsen and get into skin picking. The least you can expect from pore squeezing is increased sebum secretion and pore enlargement. If you live in a polluted city, our Cleanser and Make-Up Remover will clean skin, pores included. Our Vitamin A cream will exfoliate slowly, you will not see the exfoliation but it will happen, keeping pores unclogged, healthy and free of infection.

Information on Pores

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