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I also like to add skin care recipes of your own so send in favorite ones!!!!

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Jan 10, 2016

Skin care book reviews | By Wayne Potter

Skin care book reviews by Wayne Potter

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Jan 09, 2016

Aromatherapy Essential Oil | Massages

Aromatherapy Essential Oil when getting massages

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Jun 09, 2015

Natural skin care Info | Homemade recipes

A great source for Learning Natural Skin Care info

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May 17, 2015


acne mythes and homemade recipes

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Jan 24, 2015

argan oil uses

ARGAN SKIN CARE OIL is traditionally used by women to nourish your skin

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Jul 28, 2014

Skin Cancer | Main Section

Skin cancer does your job may put you at risk.

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Jan 05, 2014

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy

Aromatherapy and Pregnancy what to and not to use

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Jan 05, 2014

The Aromatherapy History

The History of Aromatherapy

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Dec 15, 2013

Sulfur For Large Pores

How sulfur helped my large pore and acne

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Dec 15, 2013


A Sunscreen for Your Skin Type

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Dec 12, 2013


Aromatherapy can help skin rejuvenation.

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Dec 12, 2013

Arm Waxing

Arm waxing on way to remove the hair from your arms.

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Dec 12, 2013

Anti Aging | Skin Care

Anti aging skin care what you should ask your Doctor

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Dec 06, 2013

foot bath

Wonderful Foming Honey Foot Bath homemade recipe

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Dec 06, 2013

Essential Oil Juniper

Pure Essential Oil Juniper wjth homemade skin care recipes

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