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These two Mens Skin care Tips are By Dr. Jo Turner

Men and wrinkles- get rid of the mean look. It seems that men take longer to develop wrinkles than women. There are three factors contributing to the slower wrinkle formation in men than their female counterparts.

1. Men have thicker and oilier skin than women. (Sorry guys this is true)
2. Men have more collagen in their skin to start with.
3. Because most men shave daily, they are exfoliating in the process. Exfoliation is well known to reduce aging to the skin.

However though they take longer to develop wrinkles it does happen.

Men get particularly concerned by forehead wrinkles, because they feel it makes them look worried or mean. Muscle relaxing injections help eliminate these wrinkles very effectively, and this is increasingly important for men concerned with keeping up a fresh appearance for work or for the women in their lives.

It is important to remember that sun damage is the primary preventable cause of wrinkle formation in Australia, and though you may be slower to develop wrinkles it does not mean you should neglect daily sun protection measures.

Managing wrinkles & Mens Skin Care Dr Joanne Turner 21 Mar 2007 N How to Avoid Shaving Rash.

Irritation after shaving is an incredibly common problem for men who have been neglected for a long time in the skin care stakes.

So what underlies shaving rash? 1. The physical shaving of hair creates micro trauma to the skin creating inflammation.
2.Many male shaving products are at a ph that is far to high for the skin (men on average have a lower ph than women) and this strips the skin of its natural protective layer called the acid mantle. Once again causing irritation and inflammation.

3. Many male skin care products contain known irritants in the form of strong frangrances and essential oils- such as eucalyptus, menthol and citrus oils that cause further inflammation for the skin.

These three irritating factors result in swelling around the hair follicles which can partially bury the hair, and result in red and irritated lumpiness of the skin after shaving.

What to do? 1. Try shaving with the grain of the hair and use a very light touch. Also, don’t stretch the skin while shaving.
2. Use products that have a ph approximating that of the skin (about 4.5) and certainly nothing with a ph greater than 7.
3. Avoid products that are known irritants to the skin.

4. Use skin products that have known anti-irritants.

In our ‘keep you younger’ series our first article is dedicated to skin irritation, with lists of known skin irritants and anti-irritants.

If you have any Mens Skin Care Tips I would be glad to post them.

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