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Pennie Mills is a licensed massage therapist living on the East Coast in Florida. She is the owner and founder of Ladies Blend, an online store offering organic and natural bath, beauty & spa products. At LBT, she writes about natural health, wellness, beauty, her business, environmental & social issues, home & garden and whatever else she finds of interest. In her spare time, she is studying for Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine.

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I need Help With this One!!!

You know dear man who helps women with products ...

I would like to find this recipe again myself. I purchased it the last time I was in Chicago and it is made of Green Clay. It was a miracle-worker of a product that did wonders for my skin. I'm out of it now and cannot find it here in California. Catherine, the Redhead

So if you are from Chicago or you have a good green clay recipe send in your info and lests help the out the Redhead....

Thank You For the Help Wayne

The First to get back is Pennie Mills at Ladies Blend with this great info on clays and a recipe. See Pennis link and logo just below.....

RE: Wayne from Natural Skin Care Info Hi Wayne,

I hope this helps, if this is not what she is looking for and would like to describe her product in more detail I could probably come up with something to better suit her. This is a general recipe for everyone.

Green Clay Facial Cleanser & Masque

Green Clays (Montmorillonite-also known as French Green Clay or Illite) draw toxins and oils from the skin, they are not normally recommended as the “main ingredient” for dry or sensitive skin types. French Green Clay is rich in minerals and nutrients, Green Illite is used to detoxify and exfoliate the skin. French Green Clay is more commonly used in facial applications, Green Illite is the greener of the two and does not expand when a liquid is introduced, and the origin for both is France.

This recipe is suitable for most skin types, (you may test on a small area first) and may be used as a facial cleanser or masque. White Kaolin is mild clay that stimulates circulation, gently exfoliates and cleanses, it does not draw oils from the skin which makes it a good choice for all skin types. Oats are a source of protein, soothing, moisturizing, skin softening; they add texture and help to bind ingredients together.

Dry Ingredients 1 tsp French Green Clay 2 tbs White Kaolin Clay 2 tbs Ground Oats

Mix and make a paste with either: Water Aole Vera Juice or Gel* Green Tea Yogurt Honey

and a touch of Jojoba Oil (optional)**

Directions Store the dry ingredients in a 2 ounce jar.

When making your application begin with equal parts (approx. 1 tsp) dry and liquid, adjust as needed.

To Use As a facial cleanser, apply (without pulling skin) in a circular motion to wet skin, rinse well with warm water, followed with a cool rinse and gently pat skin dry.

As a facial masque, apply a thin coat of the paste to your face and neck, leave on for 3-5 minutes, rinse well with warm water followed with a cool rinse, and gently pat skin dry.

*Pure aloe vera gel is not really a gel like substance, it is a bit thick, yet thinner than a “gel”, many of the aloe gels readily available in most stores contain a gelling agent.

**The oil is optional, it is recommended for dry or sensitive skin.

And This is what Catherine the redhead thinks of Pennies Green Clay Recipe . If you have Irish skin you may like it too...

Your site is so amazing and what your reader describes matches effects I enjoyed ... so I am going to purchase the ingredients and give it a try. I have Irish skin that is fussy as to what it responds to and oddly seems to love green clay. You provide an amazing service ... I hope you will eventually turn it into a book... Catherine, the redhead

I would still like you to send in more of your clay recipes!!

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