Ingrown Hair  

If you have a hard red bump on your skin that hurts? Is this on a part of your body that you shave? There is a good chance that you have an ingrown hair

Some of these hairs can be deep under the skin, they do not look good  and are worrisome.   First treat this area for the inflammation. With many skin conditions it will take some  time for the inflammation to go down and the hair to grow out through the skin again . During this time, don't pick at the ingrown hair — this could lead to infection and scarring.

What you want to do is draw the hair up from under the skin. To do this keep the area clean by washing the area around the ingrown hair with soap each morning. Use a washcloth and move in circular motion to try to work the hair out from under the skin.

Using a hot compress on the ingrown hair three times a day will help.  Leave it on for 15 minutes at a time. When  the compress cools down put it under your hot water again and reapply for the remaining time.

When done with the compress you can  apply a  hydrocortisone cream to the area. This  cream will help reduce inflammation, and make it possible to remove the ingrown hair as it comes out.

Check the ingrown hair each day looking for the hair to come above the skin. When you see it, you can use a sterilized pair of tweezers to lift the hair up and pull gently.

Now if the hair is so deep and a cyst has formed you will want to see a dermatologist , your family doctor, or stop in at a Mini Clinic. All of these will be able to help you.

Don’t shave for three to four weeks while the ingrown hair heals. You should also refrain from using chemical hair removal products during this time because of the risk of inflammation and irritation. If you get ingrown hairs often or if they don’t respond to self-treatment, contact your doctor for prescription options.

I went over to Youtube and found a few videos on ingrown hairs but these videos are not for the faint at heart. Although they do give you an idea on what an ingrown hair can look like and how these people go about in pulling the hair out.

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