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This is a good over view by Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot showing the wide use of herbal products.

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HERBAL PRODUCTS are comprised of herbal care remedies, such as ointments like Tea Tree ointment. Tea Tree ointment has the ability to help and cure dermatitis, excema and fungal infections. Other herbal products like Camomile Oil, for instance, have the capability to improve the health of persons with skin problems; e.g. - scars, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites and even hemmorhoids. More common herbal products are used in massage oils that promote deep relaxation. Herbal products can even be perfume creams that not only soften the skin but leave an aromatic scent. One of the more fascinating herbal products, passes as a cooking oil and a natural skin helper. The herbal product in reference is Olive Oil. Olive oil, an an herbal product, is a superb dietary enhancer, and equally helps prevent sunburn; and acts as a natural mosquito repellent as well! Futhermore, herbal products are used in natural shampoos, conditioners, body washes, soaps, perfumes, colognes, etc. Most of our medicines used today are derived from native cultures. A matter of fact, approximately 25% of prescription drugs in the US contain at least one active plant material ingredient. Currently, over four billion people or eighty percent of the world population use herbal products for some forms of natural healthcare. Ayurvedic practitioners, homeopathic practitioners, naturopathic practitioners, traditional Oriental practitioners and Native American Indians commonly utilize herbal products in their practice. Today, pharmaceutical companies are extensively researching rain forest plant materials for their medicinal potential.

Herbal products are extremely versatile. One can use them for health and body, baking & cooking, natural healing, incense, candles, and so much more. If you are seeking herbal products and would like to learn more about them, feel free to check our herbal products' directory for an herbal product retailer or practitioner near you today!

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Michelle Peng

More information was sent in from Michelle Peng who is working with a small group of 7th graders on healing, non-violence and self-esteem. Michelle will have a lot of ground to cover, but she has them for 6 weeks so Michelle is hoping to be able to get to everything. Anyway, Michelle is working on the next lesson, which will focus on holistic healing.

She has pulled together quite a few resources on this topic first is AHHA.org

and second is

Holistic Medicine.org

Michelle also included a few of the other sites she found to be particularly useful. She will be covering a lot of ground, so some of these may be more relevant to us than others but She thought she would run them by us just in case:

Teaching Kids Self-Esteem

Love Our Children USA.ore

Life Coaching for Kids

Life Insurance

Alternative Medicine and Your Child

Kids Health.org

Locate an Acupuncturist


American Holistic Medical Association

Holistic Medicine.org

Is Holistic Healing Covered by Medicare?

E Health Medicare

Michelle will be placing these resources (along with some of the lesson plans she write) on their site,

Educator Labs.org

; if you care to check it out, please do!

I would like to thank Michelle for taking the time to send in this information and wish her the best with this class project. I

Best Wishes


Herbal Products